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Dorset Perception
Shpongle Lyrics

Canto mi amor
Tu es fixe, es muito bom.


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Comments from YouTube:

DJ Rec01

The thing about shpongle is you're not suppose to just listen to one song your suppose to listen to the whole album because all the songs feed into each other and tell a story. Its actually insanely trippier if you have the time to sit down and listen to the whole album like i have to bus around my city often and the bus trips are at least an hour with walking distances of about 10 minutes of getting to the bus and going from the bus to my destination these albums are amazing for that

Whole lotta Something

I really like this comment. Just had to tell you.


@Niskinatorn try it


You must be crazy to listen to this music while on half hour long (buss)trips!

tzahi lavi

i dont think when they made the tracks they was thinking about what u claim... lol

Deniz B.

damn true.... I had times I had to take off the headphones for a moment to check if I'm still there....and I didn't do no drugs.. there's a reason he asks "are you ready to get shpongled?!" in the beginning of a session.....!


One of my all time favourite Shpongle tracks, EVERYBODY needs to hear this, regardless of whether they like this genre of music or not. It is a masterpiece.

Sourav Sarmal

Middle finger for haters who just hate this music🎶 genre

Kort Kramer

Simply ...yes.

Anna Morgenstern

This is one of the truly sublime songs that gets you no matter what. These vocals are practically divine.

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