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The Greatest Story Never Told
by Shyheim

[Intro: Shyheim]
"And then.. and then.. and then.."
I miss y'all
"And then.. and then.. and then.."
I really loved y'all
Always will, never forget y'all
"And then you're gone.. After All These Years"

I woke up in the coffin, and started coughin'
I pushed the pine box top right the fuck open
Dirt surroundin' me, I dug 'til my nails was bleedin'
Six-feet up, I bust out the ground, now I'm breathin' (AHdH!)
Standin' on two feet in the middle of the cemetery
Where all my family and homeboys is buried
I hopped the gate but first I paid my respects
Ran up to a car mirror, bugged out when I reflect
No holes in my head, no holes in my chest
Is this "Life After Death"?
I thought for a sec', and I wondered
Checked my pocket I found a blunt
And a piece of paper with Tupac and Biggie's number
I called 'em and Big L picked up the phone
He said 'Freaky Tah here' I said 'Put my nigga on'
We called Pun on 3 way, Mausberg was with Eazy
I told 'em niggaz, 'Yo y'all live through me'
'And I'ma keep hip hop and bop in your memory'
One love y'all, rest in peace Aaliyah

[Chorus: samples]
"And then you're gone.. After All These Years"
"And then.. and then.. and then you're gone.. After All These Years"
"And then.. and then.. and then you're gone.. After All These Years
"I still need your love"
"And then.."

I smoked a blunt and bumped my album
It started to dwell, the rap game won't be the same without you L
I'ma mourn you and stay thuggin' 'til I join you
Wanted to snatch you out the casket when I saw you
Resting in peace-fully, just lying there in your blue Gucci wear
Rockin' ya Cardiers, I'm like 'Damn why they hit my man?'
Ready to air somethin' out like a fuckin' fan
My head I shook, signed my name in the book (uh-huh)
I ain't care who look (uh-huh), I dropped tears
Jumped in the truck, threw on Sam Cook
Every time I bounce a ball I'm walkin' through the park
I can't help it, I gotta think about Sandy Brock
Every time I get jig, I'ma think of Pooh
Everytime I think of Sax is when I argue
I think of Grandma a lot, I think of Grandpa a lot
I think of Twin a lot, aiyo I miss 'em a lot, for real


The world'll keep movin' even when my heart stop
My niggaz won't let my spirit die on my block
Spray-paintin' my name on the wall with RIP on top
11/14 'til the day I drop
But I'm not leavin' without my crazy ass ways
Beautiful memories and cold rainy days
I swear, I wish that bullet was a blank
So before I thank my family and friends, I'd like to thank
My mom first of all, you my true best friend
Lord, I hope my Devil leads to her to help her pick up again
And I'd like to thank my fam, no-one compares to y'all
I'd like to thank my squad, I'd like to thank the Gods
Ton of y'all I say hello to my boo
I gotta thank 27, gotta thank the Wu
So my time is tickin' and I'm gaspin' for breath
Killah Kane "When You Come Home" you can keep the rest



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