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Complicated Rhythm
Skyzoo Lyrics

They give me the same flack they gave Gloria son
Either or James or Carter, but both of them won
So either or take it to heart or eat all that you want
I made more reaching from y’all than hoping you sprung
The same door that he was in front of and wanted to rush
Is now leased in his name, did he come up or what
Strange' are in order, hallways did it for him?
Inspired to get it by him,
Parkay of the talkers
Shit is butter like
Big was still here on another life
I walk by them steps everyday, so now who wanna write?
Back like running lights and Po’ now follow
And that armrest is locked, so someone get the swallowing
If y’all blessed to watch, then someone get the honoring
On it like I’m towering, acknowledge my acknowledgment
Still means just what it says
So if you got it then consider you in the echelon of those hollerin’
Great Debater, made it the give and go
Kick fly talk and slide off, I’m Henry Lowe
Call it Complicated Rhythm
Cause as far as how they listening
They get it but don’t get it and I don’t bother what they missin’
If they missed it, no difference
Know them martyrs get dismissed
So it’s snowing all roses and the thorns is in the wind
And if you caught one in the end
You was drawn to it again
You clicked on the ZShare, you just bought you a syringe
This shit is in reach where they got to bargain to get in
So give him the scene there, they’ll be nodding off again
Now I pardoned it again, I was pardon off of wonders
And I Drew it like I play point guard for the Thunder
So all of what it leads to, started off the EQ
Wasn’t Dwyane Wade but I was on my Jordan 3 move
Wasn’t Dwayne Wayne but had a broad like Keanu
And jealous bitches called her “kee low-low”
For my complicated rhythm, took muthafuckas about as far as it could get ‘em
Look at how they love it when it’s on in the system
One shot, caught ‘em in the rhythm
I took ‘em like there like…

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Comments from YouTube:

Show Bizness TV

SuperB!!! This track concretely and generally the last works that Skyzoo has done. simply superb!

Sebastian Bertling

repeating that track over and over again. powerful beats, powerful vocals. sick!


Idk if you'll ever read this, Skyzoo, but this is incredible. This blows my mind. I can't believe music this good exists. Glad to see real lyricism is not dead.


damn his lyrics is kill and the beats is dope


DOPE, Fela Sample.

See Add Wounds

"as far as they listen they get it but don't get it & i don't bother what they are missing. they missed it.."

Moer! speaking like a lecture delivering a lecture that needs learn work no short cuts.


Skyzoo and Best Kept Secret Need to Stop being secrets to the average Hip Hop listener....Y'all just keep getting better every time I hear a Skyzoo Verse or a BKS beat....Can't Stop listening to this song, best intro track in god knows how long!!!


too lyrical for most, love it.


@agentdrakedum I agree with your comment 100%, when I first discovered Sky, I was blown away - the TRUE unfiltered lyricism ive been lookin for in all my years of listenin to hiphop.


'the great debater', right? Track is real hard. Who produced it? Need that instrizzlm track.

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