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A Hymn to the Morning Star
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Lyrics

Open your heart to the lord of light
Open your heart and mind and let him in
He holds the key to the throne of might
You are empty

Say his name and let him in
All hail the dawn of a rising star
All hail the crowned and conquering child
Morning will come for you at last

No matter how far into night you have strayed
Say his name
Welcome the child
A new world is crawling from the ashes of the old

Two thousand years of guilt and fear
And the greatest lie ever told
Out of the wounded side of the dying god
Out of the sacred heart of the throttled hen

The blood is the life
The flowing milk for the infant god
The throne is empty
The cup is full

He approaches and then
He steps from the shadow and he opens up his eyes
He spills the blood onto the throne
And hurls a curse up to the skies

I am the adversary and must remain the adversary


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Comments from YouTube:

Sister Discordia

I really wish they would make another album this shit was so good.

Mö Zö

did they ever finish that unreleased album?


One of the most original and inspiring bands I have ever discovered. Love em.

ElmoMoney ElmoProblems

I'm not kidding when I say that I listened to this song almost everyday during the month before Rebirth was released.  Edmund get out of my head!!!


Im wearing headphones, that dog scared the ever loving shit out of me.


@AtNoExpense Weird, I don't know why I missed that. I was looking away for the beginning, but then I went back and watched it after the video was over.


@1colonelsanders Really? You must have stopped 20 seconds into the video then when you commented... That or you dont know what a dog is.


@AtNoExpense I didn't see or hear any dog.


Fucking dammit my volume was up too
(Only replying because i was gonna make a comment and this is probably better


they put on such a great show i love their music

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