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Soft Cell Lyrics!

I have life
Ordinary wife
I have car
A favorite bar
I have job
A moderate wage
I get the pains
That come with age

I am so ordinary

I have child
She goes wild
I have home
A mortgage of my own
I have hobby
But it's nothing very special
I do the garden
I watch girls

I am so ordinary

I have life
I have cage
I'm going bald
I want to tell the world
I've done nothing
I've achieved nothing
I work for a firm
But I want to burn it down, down

I am so ordinary
I am so ordinary

I was born
One day I'll die
There was something in between
I, I don't know what
Or why
I'm a man
I want to break a rule
I am a no, no, no, no, no, no, nobody
Everybody's fool
I am so ordinary

I'm so tired of endless art
Love stories
I'm beginning to not give a damn
I wish I could reach right out for the untouchable
Film starring Bruce, John Wayne, Elvis Presley
Experiment with cocaine, LSD and set a bad bad example
Live a little, run a harem, be a tiger
Meet Bo Derek and be her Tarzan
Reach, reach out out
Live, live, live
Die, die, die
I, I, I, I wanna die

Frustration, oh
I wanna die
I wanna die, die, die, die
Die, die, d..d..d..die, die, die
I wanna die

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Comments from YouTube:

Emery Ashdown

It's a shame these guys didn't get as much recognition as they deserved.

chaos witch

They didn't?

l0nly m1lk

Pigeonholed as one hit wonders. These guys were goth masters


Based on American airplay I'd agree, I think they faired better in their native country.

Amethyst Crome

I mean their bank accounts do well! But I wish more young people would reach for their stuff! I found out about them in the early 2000s and been listening to them since.

Gehtklar Meister

It's amazing how tainted love is their most popular song ... yet one of their weakest in my opinion. Probably my favorite band which I discovered way too late.

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Everyone is talking about Marc and yeah he's amazing but listen to this synth work from Dave! Legendary... Both of them

Matt Belinski

Dave has an amazing ability to put the notes in the correct order to sound like the most amazing things you’ve ever heard. Sex Dwarf is a great example of this!


Lyrics that are real and unsurpassed and music that never dates...just a frenzy of creative genius. Don't care if you disagree...this is truly musical poetry in motion.


"Frenzy" perfectly captures the feeling I get everytime I listen to this album

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