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Kimono My House
Sparks Lyrics

Amateur Hour Lawns grow plush in the hinter lands Its the perfect little…
Complaints Nothing in the world is perfect Grin and bear it silently…
Equator I always thought that I had quite a gift As a…
Falling In Love With Myself Again Similar mother, similar father, similar dog, cat and fish An…
Hasta Manana Monsieur I tried to tell you in the night That with a…
Here In Heaven Here there are lots of things to do And a panoramic…
In My Family That's how it's gonna be In my family From the biggest branc…
Talent Is An Asset Albert is smart, he's a genius Watch Albert putter, an obvio…
Thank God It's Not Christmas What do I hear, what do I hear? Chit-chat, and clinking…
This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us Zoo time, is she and you time? The mammals are your…

Philip Kassabian

on Scheherazade

A great Sparks song.

Philip Kassabian

on Aeroflot

This song is amazing.

Philip Kassabian

on Irreplaceable

Sparks is an absolutely fantastic band.

Philip Kassabian

on It's Educational

An absolutely great Sparks song.

Philip Kassabian

on The Calm Before the Storm

A great and fantastic Sparks song.

Philip Kassabian

on Perfume

A very catchy and great Sparks song.

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