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The Ice Hotel
Stacey Kent Lyrics

Let's you and me go away to the Ice Hotel
The Caribbean's all booked out and it's just as well
While I'd have been much keener, on Barbados and Antigua
But just now I think the arctic will suit us well
Let's you and me go away to the Ice Hotel

We've built it all with ice that's pure and clear
The sofas, the lobby, even the chandelier
A thermostat guarantees a steady minus 5 degrees
What other place could serve our needs so well?
Let's you and me go away to the Ice Hotel

Romantic places like Verona or Paris they'll always lead you astray
You'd have to be a novice to ever trust Venice and those dreamy waterways
And what the tropics can do I know only too well
So let's you and me go away to the Ice Hotel

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Comments from YouTube:

Esme Esme

This song is perfect on so many levels.

L Knighting

This is a wonderful song, beautifully sang with crystal clear vocals. 


gosh such a chill jazzy feel, her voice goes perfectly with the instrumental.


I love her voice.  It's so clear and direct and matter-of-fact.  

I think the reason she wants to go to an ice hotel is because it reflects her relationship with the person she is addressing; cold and aloof.  That's why the the ice hotel would suits their needs so well.  She also talks about how more tropical or romantic getaways would make him want to roam; perhaps she means he would try to cheat on her.  There is also the heavy clothing that they wear at the hotel, showing they lack sensuality in their relationship.  

As for the lyrics "And who knows if we're lucky / We may find ourselves talking   / Of what the future may hold" I think she's saying it's hard to discuss that sort of thing because he's always brushing her off, so if they're lucky, they'll talk about it.

At first, because she emphasizes the words "go away," I thought it was an angry song, and then I listened to the lyrics a bit more closely and I thought it was a love song about a romantic getaway, but now that I've read the lyrics, it's about a woman who loves a cold-hearted man and a relationship that is just waiting to crumble.

wallace brown

@jefferlu2 Nailed it!

Сергей Лебедев

😊💓🎼🕺 привет!!!!



Kicker of Elves

Just my opinion but I think she's too playful for it to have such an unhappy subtext.

Allison Mackey

I hear this and read the words completely differently. I hear a distinct smile in her voice, which (to me) means they're all hot and bothered and things are getting out of hand, so in order to cool off, the ice hotel is a wise destination. Heavy clothing = can't take off all those heavy clothes without lots of effort (as opposed to teeny bikinis in the tropics), and if the room is ice cold, maybe their hot-n-steamy encounter will cool down (slow down?) a little. I think she'd rather talk of the future than give in to physical heat of the moment, so it's simply acknowledging tongue in cheek that they both need a cold shower.

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Wendy Martell

Love this song! It is so glamorous and romantic =) perfect with a glass of wine...

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