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Panther In The Glove
Star of Ash Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Star of Ash:

An Apology Gone Bad The heart asks pleasure first And then excuse from pain an…
Beautiful As Torment I am a hole in the sky The cry the bleeding…
Blood Bones and a Skull Proud of my broken heart since thou didst break it Proud…
Death Salutes Atropos The I left behind The ever fading I of the moment The…
Epilogue Two men spoke from the grave One died from filled heart on…
In The Throws Of Guilt Pale faces smile And spit their cross In the mouth of life…
Odi Et Amo The sun of shame A transparent secret And inside - hellfir…
Sanies Snake of ash Newborn Apple of promise Reborn This fath…
The night sky It was not death, for I stood up, And all the…
The Nudity of Light I yearn to vomit my heart All over you Pierce it through…
The World Spins for You The higher her screams the less you hear when at last her…

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Comments from YouTube:


People should just say they're interchangeable, it's clearer ,sounds less obnoxious and needs less explaining.

Haakon Rustad

This is the most factual thing that I’ve watched/read in all of quarantine other than Cooking on Union Street (featuring Anna Weber)


I’ve been saying this for so many years. When the Steelers running back many many years ago got hurt and “fast willie” Parker stepped in as a no name and became a star, the light went on in my head. Nice stats to back up this case, very well done


I'm so glad to see this idea spreading. An additional thing that strongly impacts rushing production is personnel grouping. The #1 predictor of YPC is # of men in the box, and the #1 predictor of men in the box is offensive personnel. If you asked a casual fan how often Gurley saw 8+ in the box in that near-MVP 2018 season, I doubt many would know the correct answer of just 7.81% of the time (because LAR ran almost exclusively 11 personnel, with 3 WRs).

It should also be known that RB catches/targets are also very low value, on the whole. There may be guys who are talented enough to be WRs, but the fact is the vast majority of their catches come, at-most, a couple yards past the line, and are as likely as runs to get positive Expected Points Added (ie: "successful"). For strategic reasons, they HAVE to mostly take this low-value role (ie: you can't tip your hand to passing by putting them wide/slot all the time, or in obvious passing situations you can't do the same because it would make it clear they're not blocking; and even besides those reasons, SOMEONE has to be running the super-shallow routes to force the D to defend space away from those TE & WRs running routes at more valuable depths).

Paychecks aside, RB is simply a thankless role, especially given the talent of many players there (I mean, makes sense on lower levels of football, take the best athlete & make him the position that can get the ball almost all the time). I read a very interesting possible-future of the position: have a lot of WRs that are hybrid types (like Bobby Mitchell & Charley Taylor of old), and have them rotate in at RB. They earn their money mostly from their WR work, but you still can have athletic/talented players running the ball. (That, or just realize RBDM & only take late-round/UDFA guys who specialize in rushing or a 3rd-down pass role & don't pay them much...but I think the NFL would be more resistant to this, especially if college continues to produce super talents who view themselves as RBs. The former change would have to come from college too, honestly).

Jaida Gehring

I enjoyed this a lot! Theo video 👏🧿


This changed my life

Kebba Sowe

I found an example, look at the browns rushing attack now that they’ve lost Chubb. It’s significantly worse, hunt is a good back but just not as good a runner as Chubb.


Looks like a good offensive line is more important, 2nd to the quarterback.


Besides QB, what is the most important position on the field?

Robby Swenson

I don’t watch football, enjoy watching football, or care for football at all. Did I watch this entire video, however? let’s just say I can’t wait for the next episode

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