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Taxi Driver
Steel Pulse Lyrics

Now hear this crowd of people
I man well vex
And just have fe big up me chest
'Cause the Taxi Driver don't have no respect
Want I fe catch bus hop truck and

Ride bike and stand up on the road
And hitch hike
But you see me...dem deh things can't go on
'Cause Natty Dread RIDE THE STORM

Taxi Driver
Won't stop for me
Whenever I flag him down
He won't stop for me

In a London city and in a New York
There are no go areas after dark
I say muggers on the streets
And thief in the park
Tramps pon the sidewalk
A dem a sky lark
Some a catch the taxi - when they reach
Their spot
Pretend to pay the driver
And then they just run off
Some a argue with the driver
And say the fare aint right
The next thing you know
They have a kitchen knife

Taxi Driver
Won't stop for me
Whenever I flag him down
He won't stop for me

To hail a cab
You got to be fast
You try to catch a taxi
But they just drive past

The taxi-cab driver never stop for me
They got all kind of excuses up his sleeve
Some say they off duty
Some say they not free
The taxi cab driver never stop for me
Because of my dreadlocks looking wild
They think I'm a mugger of some bad guy
No they never stop they just pass me by
They treat me like a leper
Who's left to die Yo!

Excuse me mate can you get me a taxi
Is that the driver

You think that bad
Mek I tell you what the brute
Do to me youth
Well I was walking with my son
Who was just a child
And still the Taxi Driver
Won't give me a ride
He was caught by the traffic lights
And had to slow down
So I opened the back door
And sat my son down
So he tried his best to
Stop me from coming in
I say move yourself man
And start your driving
He was very angry
But he asked where to
I said take me to the station
My train leaving soon
So guess what he did to me
Just for spite
He stopped at every single traffic light
He took the wrong turn
And the long way too
He stopped at the bar
Just to use the loo
When I got to the station
It was all in vain
Good golly good gosh
I say I miss my train

Me kick up the taxi
Me kick up the Taxi Driver
Me lick up the taxi
Me lick up the Taxi Driver
Not stopping
He just not stopping

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Comments from YouTube:


its like a mix of reggae and it

Apenisa Gonewai

My teen years playlist..bringing back memories.Now i can watch this popular song on You Tube..perfect song ☺

jacques d'angelo

j’écoutai steel pulse lorsque j'avais 14 ans mais ils restent indémodable c'est un plaisir d’écouter leur musiques j'adore kissssssss a eux et a tout ceux qui aiment

Carl Wieslander

I drive a taxi.
This is my dispatch ringtone.
Its perfect!

paul moore

steel pulse are brilliant,one of my all time favourites after bob and king yellowman and ub40.

Niesha Martinez

I just watched their performance on Showtime at the Apollo it was everything I loved this song

James French

Love it!!


The part when the taxi driver saw him as a mugger was really well done compared to the editing of these days.

Jun Watley

Omg, this song is so nostalgic!


Love this song. Heard it while on holiday in Jamaica years ago. Never forgotten it. Choone :)

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