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Steve Lacy's Demo
Steve Lacy Lyrics

Dark Red Something bad is 'bout to happen to me I don't know…
Haterlovin I hate you just as much as I love you I…
Looks I want you and you want me But we don't know…
Ryd Speedin' down the backstreet I'm tryna get you in my backsea…
Some Baby I want some of your (love) (Your love) your love (your…
Thangs Baby girl, we can do all the thangs you want…


on Infrunami

Bruh, im so slow, that i didnt even get that he was tryna say in front of me but used the word infrunami cuz it sounds like it. i know its not a real word, but still. its the thought that counts tho


on Bad Habit



on Bad Habit

What happened to Wee Sing videos from YouTube except Sillyville?

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