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You Better Wait
Steve Perry Lyrics

First appeared on
For the Love of Strange Medicine
(Columbia Records 44287)
1994 Street Talk Tunes, Lincoln Brewster Music,
Paul Taylor Music LTD, Jortunes)
(Steve Perry, Lincoln Brewster, Paul Taylor, Moyes Lucas,
J. Pierce, G. Hawkins)

She was only a child
Someone to hold on
Only a child
Someone to believe in
Only a child
Someone to love


She was "17"
Beauty queen
I met her in a magazine
Heart of fire
Loves desire
Reachin' out
Higher, higher

One more day
A broken hearted child at play
I pray for you
Baby blue
In the name of love
I reach for you

In the darkness comes
The evil of the night
Think about it

You better wait
Stop yourself before you fall
You better wait
Stop before you lose it all
Somewhere there's love

Oh somewhere, somewhere

Precious girl
Little pearl
Temptation is a lonely world
Eyes deceive
They believe
In everything they wanna see, yeah

And the neon lights
Reflect your life
Only you know
Where you hide baby

You better wait
Stop yourself before you fall
You better wait
Stop before you lose it all
'Cause somewhere there's love
You better wait
Stop before you start
Don't look back
Don't lose heart

(guitar solo)

Don't look
Don't look
Don't look back baby




Don't look
Don't look
Don't look back baby

Lyrics © Wixen Music Publishing, BMG Rights Management, Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Stephen Ray Perry, Lincoln Lee Brewster, Paul Taylor, Moyes Lucas Jr., George M. Hawkins, John Pierce

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CყɾҽɠO · Playlists intégrales

Sorry to hear that, @Tracy Morley.
Try to find the YouTube comment in which the alleged Steve Perry shared his email address with you. Then click on his name and go check the "About" tab: if his channel wasn't created on July 10, 2018 and he doesn't have 204,000 subscribers, he's VERY PROBABLY not the real Steve Perry.

If so far you haven't paid him any money, block his address or report his messages as spam so you don't get them in your inbox anymore, so you won't be bothered. If you have any doubts about his identity, there is no point in continuing to reply to him and exposing yourself unnecessarily.

If he has presented himself in financial difficulty and you have already sent him money or given him confidential information (payment card number, passwords...), I advise you to keep the proof of your exchanges and to contact your local police: they will be able to take care of you.
Don't worry, the real Steve Perry is safe: in addition to the royalties and copyrights on his past works, he gets a percentage of all the revenues Journey has made since he left the band, and this until the end of his life.

For security reasons, and even if there is little risk, you can always change your email password for a more secure one mixing numbers, upper and lower case letters and special characters, and save it in your browser so that you don't have to remember it or retype it every time you log in.

In any case, know that you have NO reason to feel guilty: everyone is likely to be scammed one day or another, and you are in NO WAY responsible for the bad actions of an impostor.

(just in case, even if I understand that it's not about that, but if the mails you receive are the newsletters coming from the official site, there is obviously no danger)

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David Vitullo

Steve Perry is the greatest voice in rock music, he has a heart touching voice, you feel with your heart

Stephen Perry

David Thanks for supporting my music and I hope you never stop being a fan..


One in 10 million voice. And Perry always seemed like a wholesome guy, not one of those womanizing drug addict types.

Andrea Kollárová

He is such a gentle soul, I wish he would tour again

Atom Blanco

Sexy man sexy voice

Sandra Kinney

@dewfall56 I am and since 1978! I was 13 years old lol


@Sandra Kinney LOL, you are in love... and have been for a long time. Good choice.

Sandra Kinney

The best voice ever and his has the most genuine soul. His character is humble and compassionate. Fine example of a phenomenal human being <3

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Marie Weaver

Beautiful. Steve Perry is beautiful, inside and out and that hair and voice. Wowza. Still love him...40+yrs and going strong. The only disappointment with this song is when it ended. I really wanted it to last longer. My favorite. Am I alone in this?

Stephen Perry

Thanks for supporting my music and I hope you never stop being a fan.

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