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Stone Temple Pilots Lyrics

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James Gaudette

The elevator music on the way to Heaven

Luis Vidrio


Blake Armin

This song reminds me of some Beastie Boys groove shiz. I remember being a kid and waiting in line for Best Buy to open to buy this album.

Bruno Huerta Mantilla

You're fukin rightt! I just realized, even more cool :D

Mariana D'Amelio

This little tune is so relaxing

Luca Caruso

Tiny Music and Purple the two STP's masterpieces. Such dynamic and eclectic albums front to back. I consider them a sort of american Led Zeppelin of the 90's

Aidan King

Purple and Tiny Music are classics front to back.

Joe North

Luca Caruso it boggles my mind that people thought stp was a grunge rip off band when the jazz, blues and funk licks & rhythms are what set them apart from other rock bands of the 90's

Texan Bill

Great intro, for a great album, from a great band.
Saw them live in Dallas 1996 on this tour (Local H opened). Amazing show

Jessica Abbott

The keyboards remind me of The Doors “Riders On The Storm”.

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