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Street Corner Symphony Lyrics

One, two, three: look what you're doing to me with your voodoo.
I'm caught in a trance when you're dancing, baby, the way you do.
Those devilish eyes, girl, they blow my mind,
and you're pouring me a glass of your blood-red wine.
There's no use trying to resist your wicked ways.
Hey . . .

Girl, your body's moving like a snake.
(With that voodoo.)
No matter where I go, I can't escape.
(From your voodoo.)
Every night you're keeping me awake.
(With that voodoo.)
I guess I can't refuse anything that you do with your voodoo.

She's a moonlight murderer to say the least, she's a killer.
(She will kill you for sure if you're near her.)
You want a midnight snack, but she'll give you a feast if you will her.
(She will give you a feast if you will her; she will kill you for sure if you're near her.)
Her fingernails scratching all down your back,
she could make a young man have a heart attack.
Now there's no use trying to resist her wicked ways.
Hey . . .

Your halo's tossed out the window,
and your wings thrown on the floor.
You were acting so sweet 'til we were under the sheets, but no more.

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Comments from YouTube:

Mike Koons

How are these guys not more popular???

Street Corner Symphony

We'll be starting an annual audition process sometime in the next year, possibly the next six months. Check our website regularly, and we'll have an "Auditions" page up soon that'll have all the information you'd ever need!

Anthony kagerou

I love this song I've kept listening to it on replay for like a week straight now.


Awesome! I remember when me and my cousin got to sing "Lion Sleeps Tonight" with you guys at Midland Care in Topeka. You guys sound amazing as usual!


OmG, i thought Jeremy had gone solo! So happy to see you still together doing great music!

Street Corner Symphony

Exactly. I'm still around, and I'm in the audio recording, but my masters program is a stickler on attendance, so I was not able to make the video shoot. However, we gabbed a few seconds of footage early that morning that's at the very beginning. That being said, we're a full-time professional performance group. Members are going to come and go, sometimes every season. It's nothing different from everywhere else in the industry, so we don't really think much of it if/when it happens. :-)

Jill J

I saw these guys live tonight and it was fabulous! Glad to be seeking out more acapella music!

Bailey Jackson

Saw this live tonight and loved it!!!!!


Goddamn. This is amazing. I have to say, listening to Voodoo kind of makes me want to hear SCS try an arrangement of Concrete Blonde's Bloodletting :)

Sara Mulazzani Lobins

melhoor musicaa porraaaaa <3

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