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Waiting For Bud
by Sublime

I told you, here they come now see them
Yup, both of the crews, I told y'all
Looks like they gon' fight

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Anthony Savedra

Who's on the drums ? If there wAiting for bud. Damn these guys can make anytype of music.. this sounds like waiting in an elevator in the hotel.

Mike Fantasia

Kelly vargas is in drums


Vasi27 nah they are waiting for weed


@Matthew Sowell No, Bud Gaugh the drummer, was in rehab during the making of the album. That's why there is alot of filler dub tracks and drum machine use etc. Their friend Opie Ortiz also contributed to the album on drums.

Jrod 87 906

@Matthew Sowell lol for sure waiting on the weed man

Matthew Sowell

They meant the weed man I'm pretty sure bro

Lisa Beard

My ringtone

Jeroen Maat

my fav Sublime album I bought this 13/14 years ago

Cult Mechanicus

Jeroen Maat I bough this album the first day of summer going into my senior year and this was my summer soundtrack. This album is very underrated. Anyway that was the best summer of my life and the weekend before school started me and my friend were drinking out on his front porch drinking as the sun came up listening to this album. That week school started and my friend was killed in a car accident. Which changed my life. That was 9 years ago in August. This album to me is the symbol of that last summer to me before my life changed at first for the worse had a huge heroin addiction when he died I took it hard. I have 2 years sober and sometimes I got to remember the good day. Sorry for the rant

Amber Lucas

Coolest elevated music ever!

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