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Sufjan Stevens Lyrics

It's the same outside,
Driving to the riverside.
I pretend to cry,
Even if I cried alone.
I forgot the start.
Use my hands to use my heart.
Even if I died alone.

Since the first of June,
Lost my job and lost my room.
I pretend to try,
Even if I tried alone.
I forgot the part.
Lose my hands to lose my heart.
Even if I died alone.

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It's the same outside
Driving to the riverside
I pretend to cry
Even if I cried alone

I forgot the start
Use my hands to use my heart
Even if I died alone
Even if I died alone

Since the first of June
Lost my job and lost my room
I pretend to try
Even if I tried alone

I forgot the part
Use my hands to use my heart
Even if I died alone
Even if I died alone
Even if I died alone
Even if I died alone
Even if I died

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sean desmond

A lot of songs accurately express depression. This song does the same with poverty.

Saffi Ullah

@tarr machine stay strong man, I'll pray for you. Sending love..

Ahmad Salti

@guluf it's amazing how beautiful some people's souls are, god bless you


@tarr machine Hope you're doing well. Stay strong, bro

tarr machine

@Trinity Frank I'm okay today and don't feel that way. I never want to put my daughters through that. I was probably drinking and really depressed.

Trinity Frank

@tarr machine are you okay? I mean, obviously not, but what's going on?

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Tim B

Michigan is beautiful but Flint, Detroit, Pontiac,Saginaw and so on contain a lot of pain, but with pain comes power and may this song be a reminder of that

Auva Stratos

the way the melody on the piano trudges along the whole time... the way the instruments stay quiet and don't flare up much at all... the defeated weary repetition... rly makes u feel like you're gonna be sad forever


I wouldn’t say “sad forever” I personally feel there is a beauty in the melancholy


I found this in a playlist from when i was 12 and it was called ''running away from my problems'' and i think i loved this album and it was the only thing i wanted to listen to after school and now i am 15 and i feel sad again

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