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Telegram Sam
T. Rex Lyrics

Telegram Sam Telegram Sam
You're my main man

Golden Nose Slim Golden Nose Slim
I know's where you've been
Purple Pie Pete Purple Pie Pete
Your lips are like lightning
Girls melt in the heat

Telegram Sam
You're my main man
Telegram Sam
You're my main man

Bobby's alright Bobby's alright
He's a natural born poet
He's just outta sight
Jungle faced Jake
Jungle faced Jake
I say make no mistake
About Jungle faced Jake

Automatic shoes
Automatic shoes
Give me three D vision
And the California blues
Me I funk but I don't care
I ain't no square with my corkscrew hair

Telegram Sam, Telegram Sam

I'm a howlin' wolf

Lyrics © Spirit Music Group
Written by: Marc Bolan

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Comments from YouTube:

Joey Whiteside

My little brother has never been able to talk due to a disability. He would always light up with a huge smile when he heard this song. His name is sam. This is one of the first comperable things he understood at age 5. Thanks dad for getting me and sam into the best music!


The Bauhaus cover is good, but this is a real banger.

Jade Aslain

Its that chorus that really does it for me. Other than that I would take Bauhaus


Yesterday I found out Marc Feld came up with the name Bolan by taking the first two letters of Bob and the last three letters of Dylan.


WOW! Very cool! :)

the king

T.Rex was my older brothers favourite 70's group. The king of glam rock.....legend 👍👍

Michael Szymanski

Purple Pie Pete. Ur lips are like lightening.

Andrew Hicks

Listen to “un reborn again” by queens of the Stone Age”
Hear any similarities?

Andrea Dawn Layne

Why do I love T REX SO MUCH????

River Throat

Because you have amazing taste in music ?

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