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Tenement Lady
T. Rex Lyrics

Tenement lady, stone drug mama, street hawk stone heart
Mind that swiftly falls apart
Sudden sid groove lid, sharp as the dark park, pickle pump peeper
Mind that swiftly falls apart

Count lurch hearse head, prince of the snick snacks
Got a pierced ear mind fear, of the sailors with their perfume
Molly mouse dream talk, gin house milk shake
She steals my magazines, she`s a laser lipped lover yeah

Oh my darling there are many ways to, love you
Underneath sheets of silk I slyly peep at you
The giants and the dwarfs all call the same, Oh yeah, oh yeah

Oh my darling there are many ways to view you
To me your almost like a hammer and screw
People on the street call out your name
The giants and the dwarfs all call the same, Oh yeah, oh yeah oh

Lyrics © Spirit Music Group
Written by: MARC BOLAN

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Comments from YouTube:

Kelly Reade

1973 Tanx album - a gorgeous, incredibly creative album that Bolan fans have taken to heart. Each song so unique. Those lyrics, his voice, unexpected instrumentation - if you're new to Marc Bolan, don't miss this album. xx

Thomas Huth

Kelly Reade yes, you Said it!

Voyeur Coma

Kelly Reade the silent favourite of many, I would have thought.

michael foley

kelly you are so right Tanx is a brilliant album there so many great songs in there own right why some weren't put out as singles still miffs to this day left hand luke was a master piece, highway knees what a beautiful solo I could go on and on about that LP and why is there one dislike who would do that take the time just to click dislike just for fun I have been on other sites and there is one dislike its mad so who ever it is if you don't like T. rex just go somewhere else why take the time to do that must be someone who's a bit deaf! keep on rockin'at the unionhallyeah!

Thomas Huth

michael foley you said it!


Probably my favorite album!

Michael Platter

Very nice tune - especially the use of a Mellotron from 01:19 on to the End

Thomas Huth

Yes, from 1968 to 1973 this man made music history, guess why there are so many “fanatics” out there since then. I’m one of them.

Thomas Huth

michael foley dear Michael, thank you very much. And no I don’t hate post ‘73 MBolan’s Music. Yes, Zinc Alloy is a good album. Of course I have nearly everything he made. The thing is that I think the last four albums are a little bit weaker than the former. And hand on heart he lost himself from ‘74 onwards and came back later on, but then....

michael foley

Thomas why only 68 to 73 do you really hate everything after 73 so that was the date you left dear Marc, who did you listen too after that then to me Zinc was just as good as Tanx Zinc just followed on with Marcs version of soul and rock the last track on Tanx left hand Luke was soul and Interstellar soul just carries it on shame you hate it so much I saw T.Rex in 76 The Futuristic Dragon tour the first and the last time you think you have the rest of your life to see them and then bam its all gone gutted well at least you still listen to his music Happy New Year to you a bit late from T.Rex fan to another

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