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Camouflage Mirage
Taylor Ray Holbrook Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Taylor Ray Holbrook:

Catch a Buzz Yeah we riding high tonight Dust up in them headlights Got'e…
Coal Town Daddy wasn't the first, but he might be the last In…
Dear Topanga Dear Topanga I don't know who you are or where you've…
Follow That Dust You can follow that dust, go with us Hop in the…
I Get High When I think I've finally got it right, it hits…
Lovin in the Middle of Nowhere Hey girl I know it's been a long time But I was…
Snooze When you're right here beside me in my bed, I…
Southern Land All my roudy country friends, around here We like to meet…
Steal My Kiss girl I know you're busy and that ain't nothing new girl…
These Hands Saturday night, seein' you out Pulling you in, you lookin' a…
Tie Me Down We turned one night into two It wasn't my intention but…

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Comments from YouTube:

Tajeria Ellis

Again I don't care what Mr. Holbrook sings its so good I can tell his voice anywhere. Keep up the great music and Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

Tyler Davis

Beats the fuck outta that dude from Cheatham huh💯🤙🏻

Darren Perry

Man this is a catchy tune. Keep it KUN 🌲


Wow, I did not expect this kind of music with you Taylor, but this is great! Keep up the good music :)


@Julia Underwood That is true! I love that song.. this one is just a different style than his normal music. that's all I meant :)

Julia Underwood

But why? He’s done a song with Ryan Upchurch. “Southern land” check it out!

Blonde Cowgirl

Great song, great voice and still impresses me after all these years. Keep it up!! My boys will grow up listening to your music for sure 💙

Jesika Norman

I love this song ... Thank you for new song honey! Taylor & Demun Jones yall did amazing job!❤❤❤❤

Boyd Woods

I know both yall been workin on this for a long time n i must say , slamin rockin beat. N the hook is off the chain. CONGRATULATIONS to you both for such an amazing job. Mos definitely a great collab. Keepin it kun🌲 with an angel by my side im a country boy till the day i die.

Taylor Ray Holbrook

Appreciate ya Boyd! Kun🌲 4 lyfe!! ✊🤟

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