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Just Yours
Taylor Ray Holbrook Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Taylor Ray Holbrook:

Catch a Buzz Yeah we riding high tonight Dust up in them headlights Got'e…
Coal Town Daddy wasn't the first, but he might be the last In…
Dear Topanga Dear Topanga I don't know who you are or where you've…
Follow That Dust You can follow that dust, go with us Hop in the…
I Get High When I think I've finally got it right, it hits…
Lovin in the Middle of Nowhere Hey girl I know it's been a long time But I was…
Snooze When you're right here beside me in my bed, I…
Southern Land All my roudy country friends, around here We like to meet…
Steal My Kiss girl I know you're busy and that ain't nothing new girl…
These Hands Saturday night, seein' you out Pulling you in, you lookin' a…
Tie Me Down We turned one night into two It wasn't my intention but…

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Comments from YouTube:

Katie Dostart

When I first started listening to your music I was in a really abusive marriage. Spent 10 years with a man who would hit me like I was a grown man. When I first heard your song These Hands, I replayed it over and over.. Days at a time and I would sit there and cry my eyes out! Your music pulled me out of that relationship almost 3 years ago and now I'm engaged to a man that showed me what love really was!! Thanks so much Taylor Ray

Ian Oas

Amen brother. A man who lays a hand on a woman is no man at all. I'd gladly catch a charge defending a woman's honor

brad martin

All you ladies stay strong. No real man should ever lay a hand one a women there is absolutely so justifiable reason to. Not all men are assholes here's one whose happy you guys are safe and at a position in life where you can be happy

Megan Craig

I finally became separated in Oct and it's been crazy he'll still email actinf like nothing happened had domestic volince on him since oct still hasn't be caught...really trying to wait for karma

Victoria Nelson

i believe 'these hands' have touched alot of people in bad relationships. i know it helped me

Heather Johnson

Katie yess!!! I was in a relationship like that for 12 years terrified to leave cause of the death threats I finally made him leAve May of 2018 divorced march 2019 I have 5 beautiful kids out of the marriage but when I found that song it was on repeat My daughter (7years old) at the time said Momma this song was ment for you 😭

Andrew Ward

Taylor if you see this I want you to know your music changed my life in an aspect of mind mentality. I've had a very rough love life and your music let's me know everything will be ok. Thank you

Chante Noel

I've known about you for about a week now and you have fastly became one of my favorite artist. I have LOVED every song of yours that I've listened to. You have an amazing voice, and I can tell you are just an amazing person all around. You are meant to do great things Taylor Ray. Keep up the great artistry. 🤩🤩🤩

Tommy Peterson

It's been awhile since I've heard him I can't wait until he brings more music out

Dylan Holmes

Never fails he’s a great artist

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