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Waiting For The World
The Angels Lyrics

Waiting For The World


Barefooted could've beens, playing snakes and ladders
climbing up the gravel walk
welcome them inside and you watch their words collide
as they try to talk
show them the doors to the cold star chamber
they say "after you"
then they all take turns waving flags, playing mastermind
held by a thumbscrew

That's you, yeah you, ah that's you
waiting for the world to come to you

Spare me the dose of your reneoed wisdom that you think is new
`cos good all time's making monkeys out of small time flunkies
like you

That's you, yeah you, ah that's you
waiting for the world, waiting for the world to come to you.

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Comments from YouTube:


Thumbs up still after all these years. Rip, Doc.

Professor Pat Pending

No band can replace The Angels with "Doc" Neeson.

R.I.P.  Bernard "Doc" Neeson.


What a great song . This. Brings back my youth ...

Zisis B.

Fuck this is a great song, Doc was the man, sadly missed.

George Mathie

Face to face or no exit depending where you live is a classic rock milestone doc Neeson that's all I got to say

Kaka Sanchez

Song of my life.

Duane Ferguson

Ehhh. This is an American release. Waiting For The World is the first track on the 'No Exit' album (Australian release, 1979).

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