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Frontier Psychiatrist
The Avalanches Lyrics

Is Dexter ill, Is Dexter ill, Is Dexter ill
Is Dexter ill today, Mr Kirk, Dexter's in school
I'm afraid he's not, Miss Fishborne
Dexter's truancy problem is way out of hand
The Baltimore County school board have decided to expel
Dexter from the entire public school system

Oh Mr Kirk, I'm as upset as you to learn of Dexter's truancy
But surely, expulsion is not the answer!
I'm afraid expulsion is the only answer
It's the opinion of the entire staff that Dexter is criminally insane

That boy needs therapy, psychosomatic,
That boy needs therapy, purely psychosomatic
That boy needs therapy
Lie down on the couch! What does that mean?
You're a nut! You're crazy in the coconut!
What does that mean? That boy needs therapy
I'm gonna kill you, that boy needs therapy
Play the kazoo, let's have it tune
On the count of three
That, that, that, that, that boy.. boy needs therapy
He was white as a sheet
And he also made false teeth

Avalanches is above, business continues below
Did I ever tell you the story about
Cowboys! Bit , bit bitches and the indians and, Fron, Frontier Psychiatrist
I, I felt strangely hypnotised
I was in another world, a world of 20.000 girls
And milk! Rectangles, to an optometrist, the man with the golden eyeball
And tighten your buttocks, pour juice on your chin
I promise my girlfriend I'd, the violin, violin, violin

Frontier Psychiatrist
Frontier, frontier, frontier, frontier
Frontier, frontier, frontier, frontier
Frontier, frontier, frontier, frontier

That boy needs therapy, psychosomatic
That boy needs therapy, purely psychosomatic
That boy needs therapy
Lie down on the couch, what does that mean?
You're a nut! You're crazy in the coconut!
What does that mean? That boy needs therapy
I'm gonna kill you, that boy needs therapy
Ranagazoo, let's have a tune
Now when I count three
That, that, that, that, that boy.. boy needs therapy
He was white as a sheet
And he also made false teeth

Frontier Psychiatrist

Can you think of anything else that talks, other than a person?
Uh ohh, uh oh, a bird! Yeah!
Sometimes a parrot talks
Ha ha ha ha ha !!!!
Yes, some birds are funny when they talk
Can you think of anything else
A record, record, record !

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Rebecca Kirstein

I first found this masterpiece when I was a teenager, and back then I just loved that it was catchy and weird.
Now that I am a therapist, I can say that the way they set up the lyrics seems to be that the things they are saying are the voices that Dexter hears in his head. It’s much like that of someone who suffers from Schizophrenia as they experience something called “word salad”, which means sentences will be closely related but when said in full, totally don’t make sense.
“ I, I felt strangely hypnotized “ - this is an auditory hallucination. Notice how they are all different voices talking? Those are the voices in dexters head.
“I was in another world, a world of-“ notice how it’s cut off and immediately another voice fills the sentence with something that may or may not relate? Word salad
“20, 20,000 girls” - different voice, different auditory hallucination
“And milk!” - here is when we start to see the word salad as it really is :
“Rectangles” - different voice
“to an optometrist” - different voice
“the man with the golden eyeball” - different voice
“And tighten your buttocks” - different voice
“pour juice on your chin” - different voice
“I promise my girlfriend I'd play the violin, violin, violin” - different voice
^ those are all Dexters imagination, the voices.

The reason you aren’t finding logic in this song is because it’s exactly that, there isn’t supposed to be logic. Someone who is “criminally insane” would likely experience some kind of crazy shit like this video, keep in mind everyone will react differently to their own experiences.

“Lie down on the couch” - this is probably something that was told to him multiple times, which is why he repeats it
“what does that mean?” - probably just another auditory hallucination, BUT this could be dexters own voice in his head! Yenno the one most of us use to read with? It would make sense as you’re constantly guessing what the hell the voices mean.
“You're a nut!” - another thing he’s probably heard lots, now it’s at the point he/the voices tell him constantly
“You're crazy for coconuts!” Perfect example of word salad. This sentence did not need to be spoken but since it’s loosely connected, the brain just finds a way to make a sentence.
“What does that mean?”
“That boy needs therapy”
“I'm gonna kill you” - very bad/very scary auditory hallucination
“that boy needs therapy” - this is probably the teacher/principals voice that keeps repeating in his head
“Ranagazoo, let's have a tune” - another thing that absolutely does not make sense. Super common in those with severe mental disorders.
“Now when I count three” - you’ll notice after he says three, nothing happens except the cliff “that boy needs therapy”, which means “now when I count three” is just a compulsive auditory hallucination, essentially the same thing as a tick except you are imagining things.

You are all right on the money with this not making sense. (: to make sense of absolute insanity, you have to experience it first hand.

Be kind to yourselves ❤️ this world can be a scary place


Thanks, nice idea.
I ve another one : may I? Not as cool as yours, but more Raw and Realistic maybe.

It's a boy who was raised as a "she" 2:44.
The doctors made him surgery so he would grow as a she, because his genitals were different than casuals at birth. Giving hormones and stuff. Then, as "she" grew up, she understood she is a "He" in the body of a girl, was tranformed by the surgeons at his expense.
This is a Trip over the Realistic special life of a child that science designed as a "she" ignoring nature's rights of diversity at birth.
This clip shows all different kinds of therapies he can choose : such as killing the ennemy within, talking to animals, listening to music, doing plastic surgery to become a fake boy or accept his difference and decide to grow and become an old lady someday and stuff. Now he gonna have a weird life of rebuilding his personnality and gonna maybe enjoy tripping on druggs to feel relax. He needs therapy to talk about the ghosts of his childhood and get rid of psychosomatic anxiety and druggs.

I m sure that it exists xD I took the inspiration from the documentary "petite fille" of arte / and intersex documentaries. if you have time to waste : get informed on those rare but real persons :)
ps: before one's ask : no, i m not special physically lol. I m interested in special human things and behaviors and their build up.

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Stop Eating Bees

This video is like one of those weirdly upsetting dreams you'd never consider trying to describe to someone

Zahrina Duke

Makes sense to me, but I've sat with dozens of psychiatrist's.


😂😂😂 perfect 👽👁👄👁

Jennifer Schmitzer

that is an apt description. gosh, you said this a year ago!


Deep and accurate

Peter Wolff

Love those dreams. They always leave such an impression

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Why does it feel like every person in this music video is guilty of something horrible

Zahrina Duke

Because you looked for it..

Jonathan Ayala

They’re guilty of being in the video cause what the actual fuck is this

beetle *

You’re so fucking right 🧍

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