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Our Prayer
The Beach Boys Lyrics


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Comments from YouTube:

The Iceman

How could this get ten dislikes? People who don't love beautiful harmonies?

Judy Austin

I was thinking the same thing.


@Milli N I expect it's because these auto generated videos get recommended a lot. I've been recommended these kinds of videos of musicians I've never heard of!

Milli N

Topic channel videos always get a lot of dislikes, don't know why

Aaron Hilliker

Bach's been real quiet ever since this dropped

Fabian A.

this is much more smooth than the SMiLE version


@subg88 I disagree to the maximum possible extent.


You can hear more detail in smile version. I'd rather have these incredible vocals unobscured


There's more reverb on the 20/20 mix, which buries the voices into each other more. I prefer the smile version personally


@friz whiz He could be referring to the mix. This is nice sounding stereo mix whereas the version released on the Smile Sessions boxset is a rough sounding mono mix, done this way deliberately to sound like something Brian might have mixed in '66.

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