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Sting Me
The Black Crowes Lyrics

If you feel like a riot, then don't you deny it
Put your good foot forward
No need for heroics I just want you to show it
Now's the time to shine

Your independence is a half ass deliverance
The train has left that station
The recognition of the same old condition
Your symptoms showing through

Well, regardless of the truth
You still act so aloof
In the face of a judge and jury
You got the nerve to say not guilty

Can you sting me, can you sting me
Can you sting me, can you sting me
Right to my rotten bones, yeah, rotten bones

Well, the bells ring out for the crimes of the century
Courtesy of your mother
Where the signs reads, 'Welcome to the valley of discovery'
Look at what money can buy

Sons and daughters better open your eyes
Tell me what you're seeing
This is submission is a tired tradition
It's everyone's sacrifice

Well believe you me
I've got nothing up my sleeve
Except this heart and a chip on my shoulder
Yes ya, I'm young and don't like getting older

Can you sting me, can you sting me
Can you sting me, can you sting me
Right to my rotten bones

Ooh, come on my sweet little thing
What new things can you show me today
I got one question I believe it's subjective
What is a wasp without her sting?

I don't need to sound bitter
But you touch me just like murder
Living ain't so easy
When all I want from you is to sting me

Can you sting me, can you sting me
Can you sting me, can you sting me
Can you sting me, can you sting me
Can you sting me, can you sting me
(You want to, want to sting me)


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Comments from YouTube:

Tim Stevens

I remember when this first came out in ‘92. I was holiday in California, over from England with some friends. We were all fans of the Crowes and had seen them previously in England on their first headlining tour. This came on the radio while we were driving and just blew us all away. I can remember it like it was yesterday, even though I’m now 54. Still my favourite Crowes song, just awesome rock and roll.

Tim Stevens

@ibelieveicansoar For me, this is just the kind of up tempo rock and roll I love. Not to say, Remedy isn’t a great song, but this just moves me more.


Why do you prefer this over, say, “Remedy”?

Paul Hutchins

I had a similar experience. On holiday in Canada from the UK in 92. First song I heard on the radio when I switched it on in the rental car. I had to find out who they were 👍🏼


54 as well, and they were the biz, but boy did they lose the plot. 3 snakes was poor, but the last album was just dire. When they rocked they were the best.

Armor of Truth

Very cool recounting! Thanks! They don't rock like this anymore. We're not old. This stuff is just too good for today. 👊

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Scott Brown

The Black Crowes kick serious ass! Saw them live in 92 and to this day, that show is still the very best concert I've ever been to. It's a real shame the brothers Robinson couldn't get along cuz I'm sure we all missed out on a whole catalog full of BC jams while they were off acting like 2 year olds and getting nothing done.

spidey web

Saw them live twice in a row... Both nights where sublime, they rocked the roof of the place!
Such a good band

Hemant Pathak

Saw them at the Horde Festival outside of Baltimore - Allman Brothers, Black Crowes, Dave Matthews Band and Blues Traveler among others. The early 90's were a whole heap of music festival fun. Love this jam - they were young and peaking here.

Angelo Melville

Thank you for bringing the 70s to the 90s!

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