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Soul Man
The Blues Brothers Lyrics

Comin' to ya on a dusty road
Good lovin' I got a truck load
And when you get it you got something
So don't worry cause I'm coming

I'm a soul man
I'm a soul man
I'm a soul man
I'm a soul man

Got what I got the hard way
And I'll make it better each and every day
So honey don't you fret
'Cause you ain't seen nothing yet

I'm a soul man
I'm a soul man
Play it Steve!
I'm a soul man
I'm a soul man

I was brought up on a side street
I learned how to love before I could eat
I was educated from good stock
When I start lovin' I just can't stop

I'm a soul man
I'm a soul man
I'm a soul man
I'm a soul man

Well grab the rope and I'll pull you in
Give you hope and be your only boyfriend
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I'm a soul man
I'm a soul man
You're a soul man
I'm a soul man
I'm a soul man
I'm a soul man

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Leland Thompson

He was channeling the South when so many people played the harmonica...

Somewhere someone with enough money,,,

Should start the harmonica school...

The blue brothers School of harmonica!

Belushi would love it.

All comments from YouTube:

Paul Miranda

There's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark out, and we're wearing sunglasses. HIT IT!

Timur B

One of the grsatest duos ever existed! Hah love the blues bros!!

Richard Furlott

That says it all !!!!!


@Rich DeBene They were on a mission from G-d. That explains all things in the movie that otherwise make no sense. With G-d, all things are possible! And the car chase in the mall was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!


The Band!
The Band?

Uwe Winkler

@Eric Charles I did it 😂

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I would trade every moment of Jimmy Fallon’s career for one more Belushi skit.

Lindsay Emerson

Boy ain’t that the damn truth. I cannot stand Fallon, especially his laugh seems so fake

Brian J. Carnevale

hard to believe i watched this shit on live tv as a small kid. couldn't get enough!


@Jackie Phillips The Social Pet he got where he is because he’s a creators pet. He sucked up and kissed ass and didn’t rock the boat. NBC knew they could control him, and they have. If he were as funny as you claim his film career would have worked out, instead it crashed and burned an ugly death. He only has a career because Lorne Michaels signed him to a holding contract. Before that, he was nothing but a wannabe Adam Sandler.

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