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The Chariot Lyrics

Don't let them sell you a cage, don't bleed for blood that I have bled.
I have thrown no kid kid to the wolves, so make your peace
The actor is not who he claimed, so carry on, they have painted gold,
This cage and the actor has betrayed and yet I repeat,
"Please, Step away from the ocean, you'll never understand."
White Flag.
Victory is such a lonely word, but I have built my father's house
but I refuse to breathe the breath of the failure. Resurrect and be blessed by the dead.
Don't dig up old bones.

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Comments from YouTube:

Chad Davis

NO BAND will EVER outperform and passionately take their love for music by the balls and explode like this. NO BAND EVER.


Yah dillinger was doing it way before the chariot but chariot is still sick


Letlive. / fever 333


Check out The Dillinger Escape Plan

Tony Riccio

No band will ever put on a crazier live performance than this band did. They're legends


I believe this is not the original video. Theres an official with footage from all around the world, where live music was mixed with the one recorded and it was AWESOME. Banjo moments, backstage situations, blood, and laughs. Singer screamed "we are the chariot" like 27 times in one part. Does anyone remember that? I cant find it anywhere, it was theyre best video

Junier Escartín - Abioye Gavriil Yegor

But I refuse to breathe the breath of the failure!

Mi corazón se regocija!

Saludos desde Panamá!

Chad Davis

<3 <3

David Hunt

my most favorite band/experience ever

Grá Tinn

When you put the recyclables In the Trash

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