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Song to the Siren
The Chemical Brothers Lyrics


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yesterday two of my friends and i were chilling in a car, listening to some old dr.dre stuff and i asked my friend if he has some other CDs, he said "yes, some arabic stuff" and he blasted this album. i was like "WTF, this has some prodigy vibes, can you show me the CD itself?" it was kinda dark and we were high af, so when i saw a purple CD with some arabic letters i was shocked, but then i realised im able to fucking read it and it said THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS lol. i remember that song was so weird and eerie, my favorite. he got this CD along with the car he bought, pretty rare

Jay Bee

TCB's non-trance stuff always was similar to the Prodigy. You could lift tracks from each other at their concerts and nobody would mind.

Jelle K

Hahahaha puff puff pass

Kenneth Aquino

Great story

BeefNeck Joe

The raves as a teenager were absolutely amazing!!

Chris Shaw

The good old days 👌

Luke Dodge

This song, after all these years - decades even - is still awesome.

Tony 675

Essa música faz parte importante da minha vida! A maravilhosa adolescência!

Alejandro Nicolas Itria

Y de mi vida también ♥️


Supposedly one of the first songs they ever made together in 92... still awesome.

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