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A Perfect Voice
The Classic Crime Lyrics

I may not have a perfect voice
But I'll still sing at the top of my lungs
Until my days are done
I was once a child with a million plans
Now all I've got is what's in my hands
I don't leave much to chance these days
I may not ever see a dime but I'll be fine
Yeah, I'll still get by
All the time a smile upon my face
You might see me on the corner with a cup someday
And I'll smile and wave and say
God bless you for your change today.

Woa oh woah oh oh oh!

I may not be a perfect man
But I'll still stand
Yeah, I'm counting on grace
To win this race in the end
I may not sing your favorite songs
But I don't sing for you
Cause if I did
I would have been done long ago

Woa oh woah oh oh oh!

I may not have a perfect voice
But I won't lie, I'll sing until I die
Because I may not get the chance another night

Woa oh woah oh oh oh!

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Comments from YouTube:

Jd Jump

This song changed my life when I heard it on the radio


I like that part "I may not sing your favorite songs but I don’t sing for you"

Victor Gonzalez

I love The Classic Crime! And I can't wait to buy their album! :D


TCC is SO utterly amazing. They just get better & better! I love Vagabonds just as much, if not more, than TSC and Albatross! Thanks for posting these with the lyrics!

Le Parrain

He may not have a perfect voice.. but I'm sure it's pretty close!


So far so perfect...

Star Spirit

This song reminds me of singing in the car with my friends. <3


@ravenfat1516 Hes putting up a link for the next track on the album. On the next song it gives links for track 1 and 3 etc

Isaiah Prasad

@EPOCHdevelopment im pretty sure he means that he's singing for himself

Angalee Greyghost

love it!!!!!!!!

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