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The Commonwealth Lyrics

I jumped straight at it when I had the chance
I joined the army and I went to France
At Roosevelt's request
Two weeks of sitting in the mud
Made me lie to the man that I could drive a truck
For the Red Ball Express

All we do is keep it rolling on
Trading bodies for petroleum
Heating rations on the manifold
And never sleep enough to dream about home

Benzedrined and looking through cat eyes
Of a deuce and-a-half and a day's supply
Of jerry cans in back
Ain't no secret how the generals felt
"Fuck the men, they can eat their belts
But the tanks - they must have gas."


The gears are sticking, and the pressure's low
I felt the bump that means it's time to go
Another twenty miles
Thirty-six hours and I still ain't slept
I'm hearing voices talk inside my head
In Burma Shaving rhyme

All we do is keep it rolling on
Trading bodies for petroleum
Heating rations on the manifold
Even now I've never felt that old

Because fifty years later and you don't forget
Being eighteen and scared to death
In a world that's changing fast
Now my own son sends his own son off
To fight the next fight to be fought
And the Red Ball brings me back


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Comments from YouTube:

Abominable Paradox

This was brilliant. Thank you for the tour!


This is amazing man. Cant wait to finished my SS2 quests to do this City Plans features


Keep up the good work and please do the castle if they have that

Dylan Lanning

Do you have to have all dlc to work this mod?I had it and everything just freezes when I go to whatever settlement. I just bought the rest of the dlc and haven't tried it yet. But I want to know

Gamepad 31

the gunners would be hard pressed to take this settlement.

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