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The Devil Is Dope
The Dramatics Lyrics

The Devil Is Dope
But you're caught up in that same ol' patent and trap that the homies go through
Searchin' for answers without no questions
You thought it could never happen to you and your crew, but why'all was no exception
It started out as fun and it was all about kicks (Kicks)
But each and every kick turned out to be a trick
Imagine this you got no family, you got no ends
You got no hustle, no muscle, no car, no clothes, you got no friends
You once was the neighborhood boss and hog
And no G livin' legend like walkin' dogs
Niggaz hate to admit it, but they know it's true
Damn near everybody in the hood, includin' the kids, want to be just like you
So, hear I stand as a witness, or, should I say a reclaimed victim
Written off and spit on by this really sick ass system
You can roll what I roll in the swirl from the smoke
Somebody take a vote, the devil is dope

The devil is dope (Dope)
Out of control
The devil is dope
The devil is dope
Out to get your soul (Yeah-yeah)
The devil is dope

[Verse 2:]
Things seen only imagined and in dreams
Until, the same nightmares in tv screens your teenage screams (Ahh!)
Cause the dosage wasn't right
Now his chest is gettin' tight
And everything is goin' black
But it's the middle of the day, figure that
But you still can't see with a thousand watt beam (Blind!)
And you need mo gin to feed your triple beam with schemes (Wake up!)
Cause traffic done slowed up like the one ten at five
So, you dance the street section at around two, to try to stay alive
And now you trapped tryin' to play hockey with some tic tac's (Tic Tac's!)
And niggaz tellin' you to kick back and bend back, but you already did that
And all money ain't good money
But everybody want the cream and honey
Thinkin' that the other side is all green plus it's sunny (Yeah!)
But, money, lust, and jealousy most lead to treachery
From A.C. to O.G. to P.G. to P.C.B.
As you call for your locs, set adrift in the smoke
It's like murder, heat, smoke, the devil is dope


[Verse 3:]
Sunshine on your mind but darkness prevails
You move your sales from motel to hotel
Prerequisite for a blast, merchandise, cash, or ass
Bloodshed often is the door where personalaties crash
And it's your task to try to make a meal ticket
So, you can kick it and be swift with your chicken (Bock-bock!)
You's a victim and since you got your own mind
It ain't all your fault, but you gotta do your own time
Choose your weapon cause your first impression
Often dictates the situation that you find yourself caught in
If you still blind and you can't see
You better obtain yourself some glasses and clear your vision like DMC (Don't run!)
And remember what I told you
Remember who brought a soldier
I want to wake you up like Sega
consume large amounts of dank-a
Man overboard
Beware of the underlords
Stay your ass on the boat, the devil is dope (Ooh-ooh!)

[Chorus:] Repeat 2X with adlibs in there

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More Time Needed

Artist Biography by Andrew Hamilton
Detroit native Tony Hester's "In the Rain" remains one of the most popular, enduring, and recorded R&B tunes. First done by the Dramatics, the song established them on the R&B circuit and Hester as an ace songwriter.

Hester's music odyssey began on the east side of Detroit where he attended St. Catherine High school and later McComb College for two years. Sensing college wasn't what he wanted, he quit and started writing songs. Most of his writing occurred in the basement of his mother's house, first at a piano originally purchased for his sister who lost interest, and later on one he purchased. Hester never studied but was able to play by ear. However, he never played on any of his sessions, always opting for better players. Hester got his first song recorded at the age of 14 by the Marvelettes: "A Little Bit of Sympathy," the flip side of "You're My Remedy." Motown wanted to sign him to a seven-year contract, but Hester refused, not wanting to commit himself for seven years.

Detroit had groups galore and Hester sang with lots of them. He sang on a Holidays' recording when he was 18 but soon lost interest in groups because of the constant hassles. He later recorded a solo entitled, "Just Can't Leave You," backed by "Watch Your step," on Karate Records. Hester wrote the A-side which received airplay in when released; the recording is now a big favorite of European soul music lovers. Golden World Records also wanted to sign Hester to contracts but again Hester refused. Shortly after that, Ed Wingate, the owner of Golden World/Ric Tic Records, sold the companies to Motown.

Though he never signed with Motown, he spent considerable time hanging out at Hitsville U.S.A. watching Holland-Dozier-Holland produce records. The observations helped tremendously on his first production with the Dramatics (with Don Davis), "Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get," his first big record. Hester wrote for others, including the Dells, Marilyn McCoo, Jeannie Reynolds, Jimmy Delphs, and the Platters, but his biggest successes came from working with the Dramatics, guys he knew from the hood. Hester wrote all the tunes on the Dramatics' first two albums on Volt records. On their later releases he would place two or three songs on each LP.

In describing his songwriting technique, Hester stated he wrote songs from titles. He would write a bunch of titles on some paper, think about them, and write complete lyrics about a week later. "The melodies," he said, "come by themselves once I get the lyrics down." Some of the products of his gift are "Love Is Missing From Our Lives" by the Dells, "With This Ring" by the Platters, and "Door to Your Heart" by the Dramatics.

Sadly, Hester's career came to an abrupt end when he was robbed and gunned down on the streets of Detroit. But problems existed even before that tragic day. Hester was a drug addict, which is ironic, since he wrote two anti-dope songs for the Dramatics: "The Devil Is Dope" and "Beware of the Man With the Candy in His Hands." For some reason he didn't drive, preferring to get around Detroit by public transportation, riding the bus to and from the recording studio. Before his death, Hester recorded enough tunes for a solo album. Groovesville Records released a Dramatics CD chock-full of previously unreleased Tony Hester tunes that were remastered and remixed, entitled Mellow Drama. After listening to them you'll wonder how Don Davis could have possibly kept these gems hidden.

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Sean Lewis

46 yrs later...2019, and the DEVIL IS STILL DOPE!!!!!

Ralph Miller

I used to setback and get high.....looking at this Album cover listening to this song it seems get us higher... plus thier song "Hurry Tomorrow"....

conrad ford

Let the church say Amen.

Pastor K

This song came out in mist of a devastating drug era early 70's. Heroin was the drug of choice throughout many urban communities.

Susan Hackley

@leonard roberson Well, you made it Bro & so did I. Praise the Lord

leonard roberson

U ain't shit,n bruh, I struggled,and still is, I'ma win sum day

Edward Davis

it's the message in the song people

Sheldon Taylor

This whole album was written by Dramatics songwriter Tony Hester who was a drug addict himself. Many of the songs he wrote for the group were methaphors of his own life

Marcelle D.

Wee Gee from the Dramatics sounds a lot like David Ruffin. Marvin D

John Powell

Insane beat , percusion , vocals and hitting on all cylinders.A timeless madterpiece.

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