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In the Rain
The Dramatics Lyrics

I wanna go outside, in the rain
It may sound crazy
But I wanna go outside, in the rain
'Cause I, I think I'm gonna cry
And I, I don't want you to see me cry
I go outside, in the rain
It may sound crazy
But I wanna go outside in the rain

Once the rain starts falling
On my face
You won't see, a single trace
Of the tears I'm crying
Because of you I'm crying
Don't want you to see me cry
Let me go, let me go, let me go

In the rain

Once the sun comes out
And the rain has gone away
I know I'm gonna see a better day
Right now I think I'm crying
Because of you I'm crying
Don't want you to see me cry
Let me go, let me go, let me go

(Let me go outside, in the rain)

It may sound crazy, but I
It may sound crazy, but I
I wanna go outside, in the rain

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Craig Davis

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Madvillain/Lord Quas -- America Most Blunted!!!
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Ghostface Killah/The Dramatics -- In The Rain!!! (Wise)
Lil Wayne -- Don't Cry!!!
The Alchemist -- Stop Frontin!!!
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Libby Edwards-Warner

When my daddy was in a coma after he's stroke. I would sit by his bed start singing this song to him. This was he's favorite group and song. He tried waking up instead he squeezed my hand so tightly. I whisper to him letting him know we had forgiven him along time ago, we understood his past regarding his addiction. My dad had passed away December 2012. I miss him terribly but the good memories weighs out the bad. Always love you daddy❤❤❤


So very sorry for you loss. My wife just lost both of her parents within 2 seasons. Natural causes.

Michael Tafoya

The endtimes

American Interests

I relate to your story. I thank my dad for the deep love I have for this music. There is no better music than Motown. I lost my dad on my birthday in 2017. I have alot to remember him with.

Brandon Colman

Queen, check this out. You was heard -- and understood -- by your father. In '92 of May, I was in a coma for 2wo mouths. I heard -- and understood -- every word that was said to me. As a matter of fact, I came out the coma looking for what was told me while in the coma.

Some of those things -- said -- was a lie. But, to let you know, your father heard his little girl (daddys are like mommas, you're still his little girl at age 101 :-) ) sing his favorite song ✊🏾

Jenny Reyes

@Barbara Henderson you described it perfect

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Richard Gearld

They don't make music like this anymore. It's a shame!

Paul Morson

Still good music being made.
Check out Durand Jones or the stuff on Daptone Records.
Lots of bands influenced by and keeping this brilliant music alive.

Daniel Le

@6153calme 100%. can imitate but cannot duplicate.

judy davidson

I agree Richard

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