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Oczy Mlody
The Flaming Lips Lyrics


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I once picked up a calm and peaceful Lyft passenger and we started talking about music in general. I mostly blabbed about myself and drumming, although my intuition led me to believe he was a player too. I asked him if he played anything, and he said, "I play guitar." "Are you in a band?" I asked later on. He replied in the most humble way.."Yeah, the flaming lips." Yeah, I felt stupid. Awesome person. I love these guys.


@johnnyscifi possibly not drozd, I'd think he considers himself to play keyboards mostly? But it's possible.


Steven Drozd?


if it's true,that's epic

Randall Brown

That bass break in "Nigdy Nie (Never No)" is so great.


Wow, this one took a long while to grow on me. Spent a long time getting over the fact I wasn't getting the next Soft Bulletin or AWWTM, but now I'm taking the album on its own terms it's sooo great.


"One Night While..." is the stand-out track for me. It really sounds a lot like wandering around in some fantasy-land forest at night, with small band of followers in tow, awaiting your commands to continue searching...or stop while everyone still has their heads. Thick percussive booms in ominous atmospherics. Such a fantastic track.



melektaus nicodemus

this is hard to listen at first, but give it a chance and let this masterpiece of neo psychedelia grow on you

Techjunkie68's Music and Tech

@cmacdhon that's just what appeals to me, I find it comforting... :-)

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