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Journey To Happy
The Horne Section Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Thomas Lindsay

National Front / Trust line is delivered so brilliantly, no wonder it set Jimmy off

Chair 12 Kids

It’s the juxtaposition of the two that makes it funny. And yes fantastically delivered

Bethany Lowe

@Jaebeom's bouncy ponytail Yes being in the National Front would make someone an extreme racist (probably 30, working class, and aggressive). While being in the National Trust is for people (probably 65, posh, and supercilious) who want to look round mansions and gardens at the weekend. The two types of people are so different that we go from shock to relief about Will!

Jaebeom's bouncy ponytail

@Núria O anhaaan I see. Lol. Thank you so much for the explanation. I love this band so much. They have amazing humor

Núria O

@Jaebeom's bouncy ponytailI think (I'm Irish so I'm not too sure) the national front is some racist group and the national trust is an organisation that preserves heritage or something

Jaebeom's bouncy ponytail

Can you explain the joke? I really want to understand the context

Nick Currie

Alex Horne looks like an accountant, but half the shit he says is the funniest thing I've ever heard.


Honest to god, I seek this clip out every few months just for the national front line, cracks me up every time

Anthony Barratt



Hooray for the National Front. ... National Trust.

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