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Little Mistreatment
The Hubbards Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by The Hubbards:

Alison Let go Alison Something I said, take no offense I can't apol…
Born to Fly Guess what i'm leaving till tomorrow When's nothing else or …
Bread and Cigarettes I may be deaf dumb blind but I don't regret My…
Cold Cut Heaven knows I'm alone and I'm a fool for you I'm…
Free Be free and fine But give me time To take what's yours And…
Is It Me? Shut your eyes it kill my favourite lies Compromised, I wish…
Just Touch I can do what you want me to Just reach out…
Merv There's a mouse in the house I'm afraid of Wide awake…
Pin I'm over done You're undercome Kiss me I'm drunk I know you …
Simple Getaway I'm scared to fall Don't make me fly I'm like a? I'll be…

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Heartless Fiend

: Does anyone else want anything while I'm down there?

Julian: [pronouncing Jalapeño correctly] Yeah, pick me up a bag of Jalapeño chips.

Ricky: Jalapeño? What flavor is that?

Julian: Ricky, the J is silent. You're saying it wrong.

Bubbles: The J is like an H, Ricky. "Hal-a-peeno", not "ja-lap-ano".

Ricky: [confused] What in the fuck are you guys talking about?

Bubbles: "Hal-a-peeno". That's how you pronounce it.

Ricky: I know how to pronounce it! I ordered fuckin' ja-lap-ano!

Best fucking scene not even joking! 😂

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What other TV series would you like to see us feature next?

itachi rama


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Dolly The Cat

Going down the road please and thanks 💞

jason roberts

Trump administration

jason roberts

Reno 911

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My favorite part is when julian and ricky flip a truck and julian emerges from the wreck with a full glass of rum and coke.

Casper Reus

Yeah when they flipped the bronco pulling the airstream

Emilio Hidalgo

Not really, it's called a running gag, Julian never goes anywhere without his drink regardless of occasion

john wayne


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