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For Your Precious Love
Jerry Butler Lyrics

Your precious love
Means more to me
Than any love could ever be
For when I wanted you
I was so lonely and so blue
For that's what love will do

And darling, I'm
(I'm so surprised)
Oh, when I first realized
(I realized)
That a-you were fooling me

And darling
They say that our love won't grow
But I just wanna tell them
That they don't know-oh-ho

For as long
As you're in love with me
Our love will grow wider
Deeper than any sea

And of all the things that I want
In this whole wide world
Is just for you to say
That you'll be my girl

And woo-ooo-ooo
(Wanting you)
Wanting you
(Oh-ooh, I'm lonely and blue)
I'm so-whoa, lonely
(That's what love will do)


Written by: Arthur Brooks, Jerry Butler, Richard Brooks

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Comments from YouTube:

James McDowell

Don’t know how anybody could give Jerry Butler a thumbs down.

grant smythe

@Jesse Rice He was one of the greatest of the greats.

Jesse Rice

Hey James McDowell, don't worry about Bro. Don't let it get you down, cause as long as there is breathe in the Body, there's ALWAYS GONNA BE A FOOL SOMEWHERE!!!

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janet brown

Jerry Butler OWNED this song ! Nobody could ever sing it like he did..ever !


Sorry but I have to disagree. Ottis Redding poured so much heart into it. Not disregarding the the great performance from Jerry Butler but the Redding version was perhaps the most Soulful romantic song ever

John Puffer

you are absolutely right, janet brown. I was 20 years old in '58 and driving from Houston to San Antonio to see my girl friend when I first heard Jerry Butler sing this beautiful song. As I remember Ed Townsend recorded "FOR YOUR LOVE" that same year. Both topped the charts. I celebrated my 61st anniversary this year with that lovely girl from San Antonio. Fond memories.


I'm glad my parents raised me listening to music like this. I'm in my mid 30's and music now is nothing compared to this ❤


I love doo wop and everything 50's. Surprisingly my parents don't listen to it. They'd prefer country classic. 🤠😓

Wymell Williams

Your mother raised you right

Jeff Barley

When you have her wrapped in your arms, cheek to cheek and you heart starts pumping to this man's voice, nothing and I mean nothing else matters.
Jeff Barley

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