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…And The Gods Made Love
The Jimi Hendrix Experience Lyrics


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Javier Mendoza

Everything Jimi ever did seemed like it came from the future and maybe had some alien musicians from somewhere out of the Galaxi jamming with him. 40 years later, still discovering notes I never heard before


An amazing way to set up such a legendary album

Farrah DiPietro

This is one of my favorite albums of all time.


@Arch Angel Jimi is greater artistically but MJ n Elvis had a greater impact on society/are more recognizable world wide


@Arch Angel jimmy was a true musician played guitar who knows what else wrote music played music mj and elvis where entertainers there main job fill seats and sing other peoples music that was written 4 them all great but there was 1 king ELVIS THANK U VERY MUCH✌

David Hall

@Arch Angel not for me! Jimi all the way!

David Hall

Mine too!

Arch Angel

Its hard 2 say whos greater him mj or elvis

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anden - reviews

Primeiro álbum de Hendrix.
Comprei-o no mesmo dia que "Hitchcock Hailway", de Joe Cocker.

Thomas Zbaraski

Energy, frequency and vibration. James understood this, this is him playing with the universe. Transmitting

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