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Short Changed
The Jokerr Lyrics

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Paint It Black They want to throw away the key; they don't care…
Poco Short Changed I got to hand it to you Bloodstained My han…

We have lyrics for these tracks by The Jokerr:

Dead Horse Yo, I first met Hop back in two thousand and…
Give Me Your Eyes Here I am now listen up children (here we go) You…
I Don't Fit In Hello my traveling friends, have a seat, listen in There's s…
I Gave It All Look at your ass waiting like a dumb bitch Wondering what…
Sidekick Hey there Swizzle, guess who it is, it's your old…

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John Charles Hector Watt

john watt speak nonsense..I sat with Frances through all her last few years while she worked with you and other artists..she was happy doing something with you all..She respected you especially..I sat through all your comms with her..You, on looking back fooled her into a false sense of friendship.When she received insurance money you used her trust in you and received a lot of money..Now your promises of payment all fall flat..She was used and abused then cast aside ike some rag doll,,So stop with the whining are false.You paint a picture through your lyrics of a hard done by person..So false..Pay my friend her dues and stop hiding..She is in dire straits..Do the right thing..
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Klark Wayne

This is great!

Yooper eh?

Mc ur mixtapes are insanity. Get jokerr on with someone I don’t know who but ur a legend of bringing artists together. Be amazing.

Daddythat Bangslittlegirl.

PASSIONATE MC stfu bitch

Mr GreeKy

love u passionate! keep it up bruh!


Not as great as your cool hood thing, brah.

Voice of Insight

Passionate MC yes this is amazing. gotta bump this with volume up

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Super Saiyan God of War

Suffering from severe anxiety and depression right now and this song really just helped improve my mood, haven't been able to focus on anything since my mother went missing and this, just helps bring everything into perspective. Thanks for this one man, definitely needed this right now


If you dont want to talk about it I understand, but did everything turn out okay?

Definitely not Tony Hawk

Keep your head up brother, hopefully everything corrects itself and your mother is found.


Legend has it if you're one of the first to comment he'll reply

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