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A Jackknife to a Swan
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Lyrics

Shortly after Evelyn
Was doused with gasoline
And just a few miles off the avenue
A lighter flashed into a puff of smoke
For thirty years Walter worked right there
Five days out of every week
That's where he watched his hometown fade
The last came fast and furious
Just step in one direction
Stutter step for one split second
Faster through the intersection
A jackknife to a swan...and he was gone.

When Walter's shift was over
He'd head out to catch the red line home
Two stops away his family slept
He'd be there when they got out of bed
Destination subway station
Someone yelled so he looked back
Five guys were heading his way
He ran to catch that last train home, step...
Oh Walter ran--did they kill Evelyn?
He had his token in his hand
But he jumped over the turnstile
And he ran down the platform
They were hot on his heels
An outbound was bearing down on him
Walter jumped in front of it, just step...


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Comments from YouTube:


Really miss this era. I was really young when it was around, making the wonder all the more colorful. Drive safe, guys. Faster through the intersection, a jackknife to a swan and he was gone.

Richard P


I-Love-CO Mountains

'92, here. Pops raised me on this genre. I'll always love these guys!


@JetLinerSaw same

Argent Cosmonaut

Thanks for uploading this, i have been looking for this album for a long, long time.

cHarlotTe Reya

Best Bosstones song!


Bosstones rock every song is a big hit never stop making new great music

Richard Burns

This happened to a friend in London :(

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