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Devil's Night Out
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Lyrics

Remember that night? It seems so clear
Now he's back and I'm glad he's here
Three long years, millions of beers
But the devil is back, so girls, dry your tears
In his favorite club, in his favorite seat
Well I saw the Devil, wing tip shoes on his feet,
Pork pie hat on his head, he was diggin' the beat.
And the band ripped like demons
When he screamed, "Turn On The Heat!"
Well the Devil was drinkin' and dancin' up a storm.
The band was so hot, my beer got warm
Just when I thought it would all cool down,
That evil motherfucker screamed "Burn this place down!"
Wouldn't know the devil if he punched them in the face
Couldn't drink a six-pack, never mind a case.
Don't know how to skateboard, that's just a fuckin' crock
Most of all, they got no balls
And don't know how to rock!

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I am pumped to say that I am excited as hell for the new album to drop on May 7th 21. So I thought I would go to the first album and say "Thank You" guys for going hardcore for so long. You never have disappointed us and we salute you for that. The gods of Ska / Punk still killing it in 2021. Way to Go!!

Jeremy Knifley

This is still great even in 2021! This "first parade" is just as good as the last parade song they just made!


I Hoped I Never Lose My Wallet spurred an entire generation of chain wallet kids!

Best fucking band!!!

Nick Stauffer

This is just the best! Thank you. The bosstones are the best

John beckwith

I saw them back in '92 or '93 in Santa Clara, CA. Dickey hung out in the club while they were packing up and chatted with anyone who came up to say hi. I remember saying that I thought TAANG was a cool label (I didn't know what to say, but they sent me their catalog all the time) and Dickey replied that they actually sucked :) My sister and I left with free shirts.


Best Bosstones disc ever. Remember seeing them in 1991 like it was yesterday.

Jesse Evans

Whoop whoop fam


@EvanDizasterous I'm 48 years old. I listen to a lot of stuff.
Horror core/metal (all sorts)/punk/ska... etc
Send me a friend request on f.b.
(Jeff Rogers)


A juggalo that listens to ska.. Did we just become best friends?

Gary Davidsinclair

Definitely. Saw them then too but I remember very little πŸ€ͺ

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