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You or Your Memory
by The Mountain Goats

Got my paintbox out last night
Stayed up late and wrecked this place
Woke up on the floor again
Cellphone stuck to the side of my face

Dead space on the other end
Perfect howl of emptiness
Cast my gaze around the room
Someone needs to clean up this mess

Tape up the windows
Call in a favor from an old friend

Make some scratches on my floor
Crawl down on my hands and knees
In old movies people scream
Choking on their fists when they see shadows like these
But not one screams cuz it's just me
Locked up in myself
Never gonna get free

Something sacred something blue
Cannons in the harbor dawn
Crawled down here to dig for bones
One more season then I'm gone

Black drapes over the crosses
Call in a favor from an old friend

Contributed by Layla T. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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The other way around. Andrew Jackson Jihad sounds like the Mountain Goats.

Cameron Eridan

They really don't sound anything alike tho

Henry Raby

How is there an argument about Women's Rights on such a chilled out video?!!

Skates 35

Am I the only one that thinks the tree on the cover of The Sunset Tree kind of looks like a heart?

Jacob Morris

You're not anymore. I can't unsee it now


Skates 35 yeah, no, now that you mention it? Totally a heart.

Nathan Howard

+Skates 35 I can't unsee it now.


fyi john darnielle is a huge women's rights activist

Robert Maslowski

"Huge" is a relative term, Katie. John's about 5' 9" tall and only weighs about 170 lbs, so I wouldn't actually refer to him as "huge women's right activist." He's technically more of an average-sized women's rights activist but I don't mean to squabble.


this song used to make me snicker. but now it brings a tear to my eye.

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