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Slow West Vultures
The Mountain Goats Lyrics

Breaking the signal
So it's totally unreadable
Drinking the dregs
Eating the utterly inedible
We do what we do
All for you
All dressed up
Black hat and white cane
Slowly the circling the drain
Ready for the future
Ready for the world about to come

Shooting the sequel before the treatment's even finished
Sanding numbers off the monojects
As our slight returns diminish
We are what we are
Get in the goddamn car
Smiling faces flawlessly rehearsed
We are sleek and beautiful
We are cursed
Ready for the future
Ready for the world about to come

Contributed by Lily M. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


The arrangement and production here are a masterpiece.


This is pretty good music, it's a lot like another band called AJJ

A. Nester

They are both great bands. But let us be fair here-The Mountain Goats have been around since the early 90's. Andrew Jackson Jihad didn't form until 2004. So if one sounds like they other, I would argue that AJJ was heavily influenced by The Moutain Goats. Maybe, maybe not?

EnderSquid 11

they both have albums that cross into the path of what might be considered folk punk, but I wouldn't call folk punk a genre as much as it is a broad spectrum spanning a small distance in the nonexistent space between folk and punk found only by bands that don't really have a genre and wonder that nonexistent space... I'd say that AJJ is definitely typically more punk but some albums verge twords folk but they're all undeniably AJJ... The mountain goats is more folky but the often unhinged/unstable nature combined means that they often slip into what might be considered more punk... So I wouldn't say that they're that similar, they're both just very unique bands with their own sound but occasionally the every changing course of their rivers will collide