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Money Money
The Partridge Family Lyrics

Money, money,
I wish I had some
I'd spend it on you, babe
Cause your really somethin'
Even though I don't have a lot
You can have what I've got

Money money
Money money
Money money
I just don't have none
But you're the kind of girl that
Makes me want to get some
So I can go where I've never seen myself
And you've never been

Money money
Money money
I've got get myself up, out of bed
Get some work today
If I'm ever going to keep a girl like you around
Got nine to five all week long
Till I get some take home pay
Cause everybody knows
That you like your fancy clothes
And that's where my money goes

Money money
Money money
Money money
I've got to have it
And if I get the chance again
You know I'm gonna to grab it
I got to make some money today
If I want you to stay

Money money
Money money
Money money


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Comments from YouTube:

Dianne Wong

David’s very sensual interpretation of this song is wonderful and dreamy ! He was the best. Thanks for sharing this .


Without his undoubtedly musical talent this show would not have been half as Good. This song proves that, you see it in his every move and his attitude. On top of that he was absolutely drop down gorgeous.

Kelly Moynahan

David Cassidy is an eternal hero in my life the most gorgeous genius I could never comprehend love them love them love them anybody loves him is a genius as well he represents Talent at a tightened comprehension I saw him in concert he stole my heart then as a child and he still has it God Rest his soul genius genius


Pure talent, sad he said he was frustrated by not being “cool” like his favourite musicians. “I’m not that guy.”He always said. I like his song at the end of his Russell Harty interview.He’s being soulful and on his terms. I miss him. RIP DBC

Emily Malden

Since you mentioned Michael, I heard he, David and Donny were the lead heart throbs of the 70's era. Now only one is left. What did the J 5 want to do that they left Motown?


I remember listening to some old Michael Jackson interviews and he had the same problems with Motown as a 10 -18 year old till he and his family left Motown and went to their new label. And when he joined up with Quincy Jones the rest was history when they made "Off The Wall" and "Thriller." I so wished David could have had a comeback on that level....many times through the years I had thought of David Cassidy while watching MTV etc. and wishing he could have had an album on the level of "Thriller" or any number of albums that reach that level....
Occasionally I would see his "I Think I Love You" video played on VH1 and it was kind of sad he did not have some really fantastic new video shown on those music tv channels....:(


Wasn't he awesome!  Well I always loved the Partridge Family records and his voice, but I loved the stuff he did after the Partridge Family too.  Must have been difficult to be an artist and told what you had to sing and how to sing it and how to act and have no say or no control.

Keith Idota

Amazing they learn a new song and the first time out they're able to play the whole thing in a single take. I played in a school band a long time ago and we would be lucky to go through a single bar without the conductor/instructor interrupting us.


I love this song and Keith's look at the end!!!!!

RC Schmidt

Danny always liked his money. He made a face too.

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