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Brand New Me
The Partridge Family Lyrics

Come on down, off of your cloud
Why just be a face in the crowd?
You can remember that once upon a love affair
Your heart was warm; your lips were tender; and I didn't care, baby

[CHORUS:](You're gonna see) you're gonna see
(a brand new me) a brand new me
(It's you that's on my mind this time) I really love you
(I'll be around; I'll never let you down) won't be the same
(Can't you see my) feet are on the ground

I've had my fill of foolin' around
Ain't no life just being a clown
I heard the weather report and it said sunny today

How did he know that you would show up to love each day baby
[SOLO:] (verse instrumental)


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Billy DJ

RIP David Cassidy, Suzanne Crough and Dave Madden. Excellent show.

Beverly Burzstyn

David Cassidy was my first crush and I still think Betty looks fabulous and I hope he's resting in peace he had so many demons just too many to conquer himself I wish he could have gone some help he was incredibly talented and so good looking


AMEN!!! Gone, too soon!!!


This is one of the PF songs that stuck with me over the years. And David sounds so beautiful here with that voice but especially loved 2:00 to the end the way he was so into the song and singing his "oh yeah's"! It did not mattter he was wearing that baggy sack on him! He was so irresistibly captivating with his expressions while singing and playing the guitar!!

Dawna Morning

David's charisma and virility bursts out here at the end with the "Ahh Yeahs." Toooo hot!!!

Little Suzi86

👍I agree💯💗!

Jeanette Degiulio

This world does not feel the same without David Cassidy in it. He was so talented. He inspired me to rescue a retired racehorse from slaughter. 💖💖💖

Alan Crisafulli

Never get tired listening to their music!! Awesome!!!!

Rick Fricano

This is one of my favorite tunes of all time. This one still gives me goosebumps when I hear

Catherine R

Rick Fricano Me too.

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