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S.F. Sorrow Is Born
The Pretty Things Lyrics

For ten weeks now number three stood empty
Nobody thought there would be
Family laughter behind the windows
Or a Christmas tree.
Then a couple from up north
Sorrow and his wife arrived
Before the sun had left the streets
They were living inside.
Then before too long
The street it rang with the sound
From number three there came a cry
S. F. Sorrow is born.
The sunlight of his days
Was spent in the grey of his mind
As he stole love with a tongue of lies
The world is shrinking in size.


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It's so disappointing that S.F. Sorrow is destined to remain in obscurity. S.F. Sorrow was a commercial failure when it came out in 1968, and it received mixed to negative reviews on its original release. Even in modern times, S.F. Sorrow is overlooked in comparison to The Who & The Beatles, and Allmusic implied that S.F. Sorrow was a flawed effort. S.F. Sorrow deserves to get more recognition.

Pablo Malaga

Allmusic is sh3t. They gave 2 stars to trespass, complete im be ciles

Zane Goodeker

The Pretty Things are better than The Beatles or Who,and that's not a lie.

Zane Goodeker

It's basically the first rock concept album too lmao.


Music geeks don't give a flying toot what Allmusic says. Everybody I know loves SF Sorrow, and most of those people were born long after the album came out.


But those who know of it, know it's great. Id put it in the top 10 psychedelia albums. It's not a perfect album, but it's damn good.

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is it me..or did all the best music come from the late 60's?

Garnet Newton-Wade

A bit like Spirit's 12 Dreams of Dr Zadonicus, a little known classic that holds up surprisingly well today.

Max Merry

The unfortunate thing about the album was its being released towards the end of 1968, six months or more after its recording began. Depending on what source material you read, the band were apparently working on it at Abbey Road around about the time the Beatles were finishing off Sgt Pepper and Pink Floyd were about to release Piper At The Gates Of Dawn. However, some documentation indicates that most of it was being recorded early in 1968. Whatever the case, it really should have been issued much earlier in 1968 as its psychedelic qualities were already seen as being somewhat passe. However, its cult status hasn't diminished and the album is, arguably, more popular than it was at the time of its original release. Regardless of its historical status, this track is one of the all-time GREAT opening cuts on ANY album!


Max Merry yep the Pretties career suffered from bad management.

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