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The Sheepdogs Lyrics

Who, who, who do you belong to?

Well they're talking, talking, talking but who of them know
How to keep on killing? Everybody's how it goes.
I try to understand it yeah I try not to lose
But can you really win when you must pick and choose?

I see those faces mock me, on top of my screen
Talking heads are spinning out yeah can you tell me what it means?
I try to understand it, yeah I try not to lose,
But can you really win when you must pick and choose?

Contributed by Skyler O. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Devon Bound

I saw these guys in concert in Victoria B.C. by accident, someone handed me tics, fell in love in about 1.3 seconds.

Cody Chickadee

This is the luckiest damn audience! I can only imagine Ewan has done hundreds of these little gigs around Saskatchewan growing up.. wish I could've been there for some of them!!

avril peters

I saw these guys on project runway and have loved their classic rock vibe❤✌

Majo H

Yeah me too jajaja


I've just recently discovered these guys -- good stuff! And the nod to Bowie around 3:11 is a nice touch.

Mary Masterblaster

they are so perfect live <3 . EVERYONE should see them in concert!


FYI: These guys are Canadian.


That SG is gorgeous.


I remember this... hehehe. The Sheeps rock.

Larry Brown

Saw this on an ancient episode of CSI. It's really cool. Primitive but cool.

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