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The Sheepdogs Lyrics

Searching for something in these same old streets
The thought of leaving never tasted so sweet
Tonight I'm going downtown with all these fools
I got the feeling that I just can't lose
Hey bartender, do you understand?
I need a good woman and a rock and roll band
I got my Mojo down, ones and twos
Always running to keep up with the blues, I'm saying

Nobody is gonna bring me down
Nobody is gonna turn me 'round
No, no, no

Across the desert on a mission tonight
We hit the city limits with the sun in our eyes
We got the James Brown on the radio
I turn it up just as loud as it goes
I got the feeling that I can't be beat
I got a pretty mamma in the passenger seat
She said, "I don't know how you live so fast
But, don't slow down 'cause it might be the last"

Nobody is gonna bring me down
Nobody is gonna turn me 'round

Is gonna bring me down
Is gonna turn me around

Nobody is gonna bring me down
Nobody is gonna turn me 'round
(Nobody, yeah)

Written by: Ewan Currie

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Comments from YouTube:


Another reason to wish you were Canadian!!!

Icia Jay

Legal weed makes me proud.


LEE DOHSE with bands like this, the glorious sons, the dead south, it’s hard not to!

Keegan Webster

"Well, That Escalated Quickly, Shamus Killed A Guy"

Jordan Frankel - Security Expert

The Rival Sons brought me hear. Pleasantly surprised..

Rock N’Roll Without Jesus

METAL IS OVERRATED they are not even close to screamo dude

Adrian Hawkins-Haas

Forgiven because Sheepdogs & Rival Sons are awesome.

Luke B

Saw them in Boston 3 days ago.

Furious Sherman

The guitar in this song sounds like Duane Allman and Dickey Betts in their heyday with the Allman Brothers and the harmony has shades of the Eagles. Colour me impressed.

darryl cole

And the Allman Betts Band..... there great as there the sons of the ABB .....

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