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Those Bold City Girls
The Shins Lyrics

you slide out at night to show your self
you need to hang yourself
under water and your cold friends
memorized a thousand lines and kissed your thousandth guy
none pack more than wood

so you wake up
the taste of the night before
has grown somehow
you memorize your make-up
you're free from their eyes
and all they laughed about

sailboats that never float and lids of lead
they hold your ego down
what's it take to bend the lens?

as someone who might just help you row
but never can amend the trends

towards the rocks
weilding the knives
beneath your breasts
and all your waves t
hey never break
within our sight
so come on
treat me right

if you could keep him
you'd dub him
the rock what aced them two to one

the powder from your empty boxes
resounds from your whole empty youth

and still you wake up
the taste of the night
the moon has grown somehow

you take off your make-up
you're free from their eyes
and all you laughed about

Contributed by Allison I. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


It's as if I've stumbled across a lost Elephant 6 band.


Oh my god this album is awesome! Too bad it's not on iTunes because I would love to listen to it without going on YouTube


oh man that vocal hook keeps me coming back


So awesome! Makes me a kid again :]

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10 year old comment


because it was only released as 7'' LP but i think you should be able to find cds of it in very very good sorted music stores, and i dont mean virgin or something like that, but stores that also sell bootlegs, they might have "illeagel" copies of it as cd.

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9 years later and this comment is helpful