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The Spinto Band Lyrics

Something says she wants you
She hangs on every word
But she wants to leave the city
She says that it's noisy
Something makes her head ache
Jackhammers never end their work

Wait they won't be long
Just stay right here

Something says she wants you
Won't you ever learn?
Isn't it a pity?
She won't make it easy
Nothing makes her happy
Jackhammers pounding on your door

Wait until they're gone
Don't leave me here

Sleeping on the roof
Talking on the phone
Take your parents for granted
Stay at home
Just don't leave me here

Contributed by Aaliyah E. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

zach katz

this is fantastic

Sarah Henry

the living things is probably the best song that i have ever heard in my life.


Man 1404 hits? God, I love this track, its not just their best, Its just plain all kinds of awesome!

Hakuna Matata

Pity the track is so short. Maybe there'll be a longer version on a future EP? :)

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how does this not have more views!

Ivan Valencia

Guys you are awesome!! Don't stop to make good music, please. i love every song of yours.


Awesome song, greetings from mexico :)

Le vilain chien

Buena rola, desde mexico.




Sounds a lot like living things :3

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