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Deja Vu
The Tear Garden Lyrics

It was a cold November evening and I should have worn a coat. I shivered... waiting for the ferry boat to carry me to you...Could see you dancing in the harbour lights; your hair an orange flame. You'd turn away, swing on a crane. Always quite the same...
The same! The same! It's always quite the same...Rewind! Re-live it all again and again.
You'd tiptoe halfway across a rooftop, drop head-first in the river. You'd stretch out for a helping hand and once again I'd stand there...not close enough to touch, but I heard you call my name as you died...And the ferry boat? It never did arrive...

Contributed by Mia K. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Sander Visser

The whole cd is a masterpiece for me, dark haunting mesmerizing & dreamy Thanks for uploading ;)

Spooky Sims

Absolutely beautiful. Forever one of my favorite albums ever. The Last Man to Fly was good af too, but this is just memorizing. And I love it.

Dr Sagga

Yep, masterpiece, deserves to buy the both LP, got both (:

Pablo Ojeda

This is how people live in quarantine. What a fantastic group !!

Rouge Minette

Thanks!! To me Deja Vu is a very dark song.


A Dark Taxi Baobab Retreat.


Great song, but why is there a minute and a half of silence at the end?

Spooky Sims

LMAO HES NOT WRONG MAN! This album is just too good

curtis wright

the silence at the end is subliminally telling you that this is one of the best records you will ever hear in your life and that your friends will never give your tape back and that you will buy this at least 3 times (backwards of course)

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