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Thomas Bergersen Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Eleutheria' by these artists:

Jason Webley There are stings strung from a hand, They extend to…
Lenny Kravitz My life is perfect Because I accept it as it…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Thomas Bergersen:

A Place in Heaven Please don't sing sad songs for me, Forget your grief and…
colors of love Zakukala e kukuvitsa Uh Rano mi, rano za Gergiovden Kato kuk…
Creation of Earth Izlel e Delyo haydutin Haydutin enkesadjie Izlel e Del…
Fearless Партизан се за бой стяга мята пушката на рамо; Една сутрин…
Femme Fatale Nedo, Nedo beautiful Nedo Hey Golden Girl Golden coins and …
Final Frontier You conceal the hurt You conceal the pain The sun has come…
Into Darkness I will follow you anywhere Take my soul And lead me there In…
Rada Rade, Rade, belo Rade Shtо se, janum, tuy valnuvash Bavno od…
So Small See our beauty, We are so small, So infinitely tiny See our…
Two Hearts Namaarie A ' Maelamin Namaarie Maelamin Namaarie A ' Maelam…

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Samuel Kim Music



Of course you're the top commenter


is it talent or hard work

RosemarieCat1701 Sarah R

:D Sam! A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. (Yes, that was Star Wars.) Leave it to you to place a comment on one of T.B.’s newest releases, with as many excellent TSFH mashups as you do. Keep on listening.


Eleutheria--the Greek concept and personification of liberty, later the goddess Liberty


Thnx, now how to pronounce it.

Gerassimos Tsironis



Studying ancient Greek at school, I knew this. Thank you for telling it to the world.


@RosemarieCat1701 Sarah R
It is.

RosemarieCat1701 Sarah R

Thank you for this. This information is vital, and deserves to be among the top comments for people to see.

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