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Ocean Princess
Thomas Bergersen Lyrics

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lucia martins

♣ Era uma princesa
Que amou... Já não sei...
Como estou esquecido!
Canta-me ao ouvido
E adormecerei...
Que é feito de tudo?
Que fiz eu de mim?
Deixa-me dormir,
Dormir a sorrir
E seja isto o fim. ♣

Fernando Pessoa

HM Strausser

So I put this song last night overnight near my aquarium.

Today I woke up in the middle of a pirate ship war in the ocean,

My Aquarium became the Royal Mermaid Ship,

My Clownfish became a Harlequin Mermaid,
My Catfish became a Catgirl Pirate Mermaid,
My Angelfish became a Divine Light Mermaid Priestess,
My Neon Tetra became a Supernova Luminous Mermaid,
My Betta became the Alpha Captain Mermaid,
... and my Goldfish became the Ocean Princess leading the battle while singing this song at full power for the freedom of all the merfolk.

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arne vds

even after 10 years this song still give me goosebumps. still one of my favorite songs i ever heard. <3


"Never forget the importance of the ocean. Never forget how it nurtured our ancestors. Never forget how it carried our fathers among continents. But never forget how it tore our ships to pieces. Never forget how it leveled cities and destroyed futures. Fear it. Worship it. Need it."

Jeros Julian D. Infante

Caligula: Fuck that, STAB IT!


Where is that from?

Eduard Georgiev

Seriously, the part from 2:00 is GODLIKE. First epic song to water my eyes. Fucking epic!!!!! I am so much buying this.



Moe Al Ferarri

@goulou gili

gl gl

@master3243 You mean a single female vocal ?
Breathe / United We Stand - Divided We Fall / Immortal / My freedom / Merchant prince / For the win / Empire of Angels / New life / Enigmatic Soul / Freedom ship / Nightwood (male vocal but still good) / Wind Queen / Promise

Enjoy ;)


@Едуард Георгиев do you know any other song from 2 steps to hell with a voice as awesome as this.

Eduard Georgiev

@Athena A. I've listened to most of TSFH's songs and they are my fav band for now, but I like the remixes on youtube the b est. The way the song never stops is what i like.

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